January 24, 2010

12 weeks 5 days

Hello Little Lime!

I can no longer call you a blueberry as you are nearly 3" long! So for now you are my Little Lime. Here we are in the last week of our 1st trimester. So far everything looks great...but I'm still nervous. It was just a week past where we are right now that things went wrong last spring and I lost my previous baby. So while I'm anxious to get past this point, I am confident that God is in control and I WILL get to hold you in 28 weeks!

Here is our picture for this week:

You and I are growing quite nicely! Thankfully, mommy is also feeling so much better! It seems I've gotten past all my sickness and can enjoy food (well, the food that YOU like) again.

I love you forever and always!

January 20, 2010

12 weeks 1 day

Good afternoon, Little Blueberry!

After seeing you today, I can safely say that you are no longer the size of a blueberry! You have grown into a lime! I adored seeing your little arms and legs and fingers and toes. You moved around when we first found you. Twisting and turning trying to get comfortable. I saw your beautiful profile with your darling little nose and mouth.

Then when you stopped moving, the nurse started pushing you. Poor dear! You rolled over, looked at us and then I had to smile when you proceeded to fold your legs up, cross your arms and roll back over to give us a view of your back. Excuse us for interupting your sleep, loved one! LOL!

Your little heart was there fluttering so fast. Beating a nice 154 bpm. You just looked so healthy that your momma just sighed. At one point you even looked like you were praying. They said that you are measuring big, but that's just because you are doing your best to grow strong!

It was so nice to have another picture of you to bring home...even if it was of your back. I can see your little neckbones and the place where your heart is. Your brother Seth snatched the picture from me and demanded I show him. So I pulled him on my lap and told him what all the parts were. He told me you were a "He" baby. Maybe he's right. Maybe he's wrong. Time will reveal!

I made our next ultrasound appointment for when your MumMum will be in town. She will get to be with me when we find out if you are a girl berry or a boy berry. While I still think you are a little boy, I will be estatic if I learn you are my princess. We want to meet you so much. You have been longed for so dearly. Prayed for so intensely. You are our baby blessing and our family is so full of love for you already...you are going to be one spoiled little bundle!

Here is your latest picture:

We can see your back, your neck, your head. An arm above and an arm below and your legs folded under your bottom. And that little black spot in the middle of your back is your dear little pulsing heart.

Ah my love, it was so wonderful to see you today. It set your mommy's heart at ease. Not completely mind you, but it did do wonders.

I love you forever and always!

January 17, 2010

11 weeks 5 days

Good morning Baby Blueberry!

Here we are finishing out the end of our first trimester. So far everything has been going along splendidly...even if you did dump a trimester's worth of morning sickness on me in just 1 1/2 weeks! That wasn't very fun, but I gladly endured it for your sake. LOL! Thankfully your mommy is back to enjoying a variety of food again, though my tastes to still lean in certain directions.

I've had to move almost entirely into maternity shirts, but I'm fine with that. They are so comfortable and cover the waist of my pants. I was blessed with a friend giving me some maternity sweaters. They are so comfy and I needed them for this cooler weather we are having. Thankfully, most of our pregnancy will be during the spring and summer when I can wear warm weather clothes--which is what I have more of at this time anyways.

Here is our pic for this week...

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and then an ultrasound on Wednesday. I hope you will cooperate and be lively for the doctor. But frankly, as long as you have a heartbeat and everything looks okay, you can sleep for all I care!

I'm nearing the stage where my anxieties are taking over. This was a critical stage with my last pregnancy, luv and that unfortunately ended badly. Obviously I'm not expecting it again, but until we both get past the next few weeks successfully, I won't be completely at ease. I just pray for God to give me strength and peace and leave it in His hands, as that is really the only place for things like this.

I still feel like you are a boy...though I appear to be the ONLY person who thinks that! I guess we will find out soon enough and I will be delighted either way.

If you ARE a boy, we've decided to give you the MIDDLE name of Walter. It's a very nice name. You will share it with your Papa. That is my dad and he's a fabulous guy who is dying to see you and hold you. I think he will really like you having his name if you ARE a boy. We don't know what your first name will be yet. We have names we toss around, but nothing sticks yet.

Your brother has decided that since you will be stinky and will cry when you are little, that you aren't allowed to sleep in his room yet. He's decided that sleeping with mommy is the best place for you. I told him that he was right. LOL! He is very excited about you and loves to point to all the babies he sees when we go out and about.

Well, my most dear Little Blu', I have more things to get done today.

I love you forever and always...

January 10, 2010

10 weeks 5 days

Morning Baby Blueberry!

Well, according to my ticker, you are over an inch long and have taste buds! I'm assuming that is why you have plagued your mother with horrid morning sickness this last week! I really hope you can let me eat soon, as this constant state of nausea is NOT fun, luv!

We are getting closer to the end of this first trimester and I am hoping and praying that this time, nothing will go wrong. That you will stay with me and grow with me for the full 40 weeks! I have a couple doctor's appointments this month. I have to get some more bloodwork on Wednesday and then the 20th will be the next time I get to see you! I sure hope you are doing well and will be good and move around a lot for me and the doctor.

I have pretty much completely switched over to my maternity shirts, though I still have a few "cross-overs" which allow me to wear normal stuff. I'm down to just three pairs of jeans though. I really dread that change into maternity pants and plan on avoiding it for as long as I possibly can!

Here is our picture for this week:

I think we are growing quite nicely. I think it's like a marshmellow cantelope! (giggle) I am very eager to get to the point where my belly firms up and then I can start feeling you move around in there. Oh how I loved that with your brother! He was quite the wiggly worm, so I'm curious if you will be the same way.

Well my darling, it is time for me to get going and do some things. I have a big test at school tomorrow and it's crucial that I excel on it, so I must study!

I love you forever and always!

January 3, 2010

9 weeks 5 days

Good morning, Little Blue!

It's hard to believe but it is now the year 2010! When I was a little girl I was POSITIVE that we would be living on the moon with cool spaceships and hovercraft to ride in. {giggle} But while we can do many things, we are still safely on earth.

This year is set to bring me great joy as I await your arrival. I have a LOT of waiting to do, but thankfully, I have all kinds of things to keep me occupied. I start school again on Tuesday. I'm curious to see what it will be like to go from 10 weeks to 6 months pregnant through the course of the semester. I worry about fitting behind those desks! LOL!

This month is one which I will be glad to get passed. I know I shouldn't desire time to rush by, but until I can carry you safely through this month and passed the 13 week mark I will be anxious. I know I shouldn't worry about it. That I should just leave it in God's hands...but a mother always worries. Especially about her loved ones. There are times I even find myself "preparing" myself for the worst. I know it's normal, especially after a miscarriage, but I wish I could just enjoy this time completely without worries about losing you. Regardless, I know God is here with me every step of the way. I will be do much better once I get occupied with school and homework.

Your big brother is getting excited about you. He kisses you every night and then blows you a raspberry! I warned him that one of these days you will kick him when he does that, but he just laughs and does it again! He is just going to love you SOOOOO much, Little Blue. He's going to be your protector. He has all kinds of plans for you and he, luv.

Here is our picture for this week.

I don't think I look any bigger then last week...but I still FEEL bigger! I know I'm not eating a whole lot since you only let me eat things you let me. You already made me stop drinking milk and I LOVE milk. Sigh. Oh well, at least you don't have any issues with cheese! LOL! And of course you still {AdOrE} Pineapple!

It's very very cold here right now. Good thing you are warm and toasty in your mommy's belly! Did you know you've grown? You are over an inch now! More like a raspberry. But I still like calling you my Blueberry...

Well love, I need to find something for us to eat.

I love you forever and always!