May 18, 2021

Boosting Vocabulary with Marie's Words

"It's so nice to hear the Queen's English in our small town. I can tell you read a lot and are not schooled in our system." 
This was the comment that my eye doctor shared at our last appointment as we were leaving. I really appreciated this assessment and encouragement about my boys. One of the things that I place as very high in our education is language and vocabulary. We live in a small rural town in Kentucky where the "hillbilly" is strong in action, accent, and words. Growing up outside of this area, everyone always acknowledged "you aren't from 'round here, are ya..." Speaking clearly, fluently, and using a variety of vocabulary is rare in our area. This is why we encourage reading books beyond reading level, read aloud regularly, and incorporate new vocabulary into our weekly studies. It can be hard to find an easy vocabulary curriculum, but I've found a routine using the vocabulary set Marie's Words to expand our word knowledge.

It is commonly recognized that the way you speak, especially the words used can really set someone apart. Think about all the stereotypes you know for a hillbilly and how they are portrayed language-wise.