February 9, 2011

6 Months old...

It just doesn't seem possible that this *little* baby is already 6 months old! I mean, at this rate it's going to be his birthday before I blink! Why do babies just grow up so fast? I can watch time lapse photography just looking back at his pictures!

He's got quite the personality now...speaks up when he feels "neglected" and sings himself to sleep. He ADORES his walker and I think it's only because he is in it for so many hours a day that he doesn't way 30lbs! As it is, he's a hefty 20 1/2 lbs! That makes him in the 95th percentile! LOL! He sure kills my arms and wrists when I lug him around all day long! LOL! He wears 9-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers! His feet are so fat that he wears size 3-4 shoes and 18 month socks! LOL! Cute little toes...

He can roll all over the place--front to back---back to front...and loves to sit up though he still tips over at times. He loves it the most when Seth plays on the floor with him.

They are the best of friends and play together all the time...it's so sweet to see their relationship just grow tighter and tighter. Seth will tussle Justins hair while he sleeps and gives him kisses all over...my heart just melts every time.

His favorites words to hear are eat and outside! He's always trying to maneuver his walker so he can follow you through the door and then rams it...over and over...and then will just sit there and look out the door at the world going by.

Life is so much fun with him...and gets better every day!