March 12, 2013

A Fiery Furnace Craft

It really blows my mind that this post continues to be THE number one post I have ever had on my blog, but I know the craft has so much appeal in its simplicity! I hope that it will give you an additional craft to go with your own book of Daniel studies!
Fiery Furnace Craft
I just wanted to share a super cute craft that we did for our studies this week on Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and the fiery furnace (Day 121 of My Father's World-1st Grade)

I stumbled across it when I was looking for a coloring page for his Bible Notebook (above). When I saw it I just had to check it out because I thought it was sooo cute! The place I found it offered no I decided to note them as I made it for our family.

Fiery Furnace Paper Bag Craft

Colored Paper for Flames
White paper for characters
a brown lunch sack

I printed THIS PATTERN from Danielle's Place for our men characters (if you scroll down you can find it) so Little Britches just had to color and cut them out. You will need to shrink the pattern down so it is small enough to fit inside your sack. Then simply attach them on the straws by taping each straw to the back of the character.

To make the "fiery furnace" cut a circle out of the front of the UPSIDE-DOWN lunch sack. Our circle is about 3" in diameter. I just traced a circular object and cut it out. 

I found a simple clip art of flames and just printed them out on colored paper. Here is a link to a bunch of flame graphics that you could use . I just picked one (can't remember which one) then "cropped" it to just the flames for our use. You could easily just let your child draw/cut their own shapes. I had Little Britches cut the colored paper (red, orange and yellow) to make flames for the hole and for the top of the sack. I made 2 sets of flames (1 each of red, orange, yellow for each place). Just make a small fold on the bottom of the flames for the top of the bag so it's easy to attach them so they stand up.
Gluing the Flames on the Top
Now he can use the puppets to put on a show to tell the story of the fiery furnace. It's a great craft and oh, so easy!
fiery furnace craft
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