March 28, 2010

21 weeks 5 days

Hello my baby luv!

I hope that you are growing strong and healthy. Your mommy is doing her best to give you all kinds of good stuff to make you healthy! She's starting to be more hungry, but that is a good thing because it means YOU are getting more hungry! So far, your mommy has been very very lucky with just a 6lb 6oz weight gain. I really hope I can try to keep it under 25 this time around. With your brother your mommy put on a whopping 45 extra pounds! Too much! LOL!

We are still debating on your name. We aren't in any hurry so we are trying out different names on you for size. So far we've moved away from Sean and headed towards Elijah...but would call you Eli. But we aren't definite on that yet, so don't hold your mommy to it.

Your big brother is getting more and more excited about your arrival and we talk about you all the time. He gives you raspberry's on my belly and loves to hear about you moving. He likes to feel you too. He's going to be the best big brother you ever saw!

It's a Holy Day week for us. We have Passover tonight, then a very big dinner for Night to Be Observed tomorrow night. So your mommy is awfully busy deleavening the house of all the crumbs, and other leavened ingredients. It's a bit harder to bend and climb, but I'm managing! LOL!

I am seriously loving all the green/brown baby things I'm seeing in the stores right now. Most of it has monkeys and it is just soooo cute! I might splurge and buy you a couple things...I know we need summer clothing as your brother was born in the winter. So we have a lot of winter things, but hardly any summer fall things for 0-3 months or 3-6 months. Oh well, I'm sure your mum-mum will help us out there! LOL! She loves buying baby things!

There is an idea being shared that I'm not going to carry you all the way to August. But since you are due just August 3rd, it wouldn't take you being very early to be in July. In fact, if you want so desire, feel FREE to come the last week of July! (Hint Hint!)

Well, it's time to eat really quick before heading back into cleaning out the refridgerator and the rest of the kitchen from the leavening...

I love you always and forever!

March 21, 2010

20 Weeks 5 Days

Dear Little Boy Blue,

Well, my luv,we are halfway through! If I remember right, the last half seems to go much faster than the first half! And since your mommy is going to be busy with the upcoming HOly Days, and finishing her semester in school AND getting ready for our trip out west, it WILL go by fairly quickly!

You seem to be moving a bit more often these days, but that is probably because you are growing so fast and so well. There really isn't much room in there for you to move around is there? I love feeling your little jabs, moves and stretches! It makes me smile!

Here is our picture for this week:

I really don't see much change from 18 weeks, but everyone keeps telling me that I'm getting quite large. And then they ask if I'm sure about my due date! LOL! Yes, I'm sure. I'm just going to be VERY large. Between you and I, little prince, you can come a week early if you so desire! LOL! But not too early, as it isn't good for you to rush things and your Mum-Mum might not be here yet! Your mommy needs Mum-Mum here to help her!

Well my love, it's time for your mommy to get cracking on her busy schedule today. Lots to do this week. Lots of VERY important things to do this week.

Keep growing strong and healthy and know that I love you always and forever!


March 10, 2010

The Big Reveal!

Dear Baby Eggplant...

Today was the big day for us! We got to see you again and find out if you were a little boy or a little girl! The majority of people felt like you were going to be a girl and I felt like you were going to be a it was going to be fun learning who was right this time! Your Mum-Mum, big brother and I had lunch and headed to my doctor. It was packed, but I got in pretty quickly. I had gained 3 lbs in 2 weeks (oh dear!) but my doc was happy about that as that makes my grand total at 6 lbs thus far. So you aren't making me TOO chubby...yet...besides, I totally forgive you anyways!

The ultrasound was fun with your brother Seth. He kept asking all kinds of questions...So then came the big moment...they turned on the machine and BAM there were your private parts front and center! I just laughed and sighed, but didn't say anything. I KNEW they were there and you were my little prince. The nurse didn't go back to find your gender again until after measuring your head, tummy, ect...but when she did, there they were again. She held the u/s thingy over them and asked "so you want to know the gender?" Um...if your mommy didn't it would be too late as ANYONE could tell just by looking at the screen! LOL! Anyways, she showed them, snapped a pic and then told Seth "Well, it looks like you are going to have a little brother!" And what did your brother do?? He just crossed his arms, smiled really big in a smirklike grin and nodded...he said "yep." He totally had this "duh! I told you so!" expression on his face. Needless to say, he's VERY proud to be right about you!

We called your daddy, your Papa, your Grammy and texted a bunch of people...everyone was so happy! Then your Mum-Mum and I went to the mall!

So there you go...I admit that a part of me really wanted a girl, but since I've been feeling like you were a boy from the beginning on this pregnancy, I'm pleased as punch that my intuition has been correct! See, your mommy KNEW you were her little prince!

They told mommy that you were about 11 oz and that all your measurements looked perfect! Your heartbeat was a nice, loud and strong 154 bpm...and you little let us see you were a boy, but you never looked at me! I wanted to see your sweet little face, but you were just chilling out lying around on your back and side...oh well...maybe next time!

I love you always and forever, baby boy!

March 7, 2010

18 Weeks 5 Days

Morning little Eggplant!

This is a big week for us! We finally get to learn if you are a little prince or princess!! I like to look at the poll at the right of my blog to see people's predictions. Thus far, it's about 50/50! LOL! Well, I guess that is always the odds, right? We will find out on Wednesday afternoon, so it's very exciting and we can't wait to start figuring out details like...oh...your name! LOL!

Your brother Seth will be going with us and I'm curious to see how he will react to actually seeing you on the screen! And then what he would do if he found out you are going to be his little sister! He keeps telling EVERYONE that mommy is having a HE baby. I had a ton of people at church ask me if I was having a boy! LOL! Turned out they had all talked to Seth! (giggle)

We are having so much fun with your Mum-Mum here this week! She is giving you a lot of pats and loves, little one! And just wait until your Papa gets here! He's planning on patting AND talking to you to make sure you know his voice! Oh, the love you are being born into! What a family you are so blessed to be a part of!

Well, here is our picture for this week:

You are definitely growing! And boy, you sure do move around a lot! Not much kicking, just a lot of wiggling! Up and down, side to side. You are just trying to get comfortable I'm sure! But it is very funny to watch!

Well, we are almost 1/2 way there! 19 weeks this week and then the halfway mark next week! It will be time for your arrival before we know it and it will be so exciting to get to hold you in my arms!

I love you forever and always!