October 25, 2017

It's Here!!! FALL LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP SALE from NotebookingPages.com!

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Last year, I was blessed to review NotebookingPages.com. I say I was blessed, because it was a gift that I didn't know I needed! You can read all about our experience with this membership in my review post:  NotebookingPages.com: The Homeschool Product I Didn't Know I Needed {Product Review} Since then, I use regularly used this website to add various things to our regular curriculum. Some of my favorite things to use are the copywork pages, the stationary pages, the nature study pages, and this year we are making heavy use of the fine arts listening pages for our study on Music appreciation. Having primary line pages as well as standard lines makes it ideal for us--a set for each boy on one download! It's so handy to have the website to seek pages to match rabbit trails we might take--like our extra study of the Erie Canal and Mammoth Caves! My youngest enjoys the spelling pages and making little mini-books for his reading reports.

No matter what the subject or topic--they've got a page for it!

Another aspect I love--my membership will last FOREVER! There aren't many sites out there where you pay ONE FEE and it grants you access to the site forever--without renewals! But NotebookingPages.com does just that!

One fee gives you access to the entire site--over 2000 different pages--forever!

And they keep adding new pages all the time! There is material to use for K-12! If you have several children, this means you get to use it throughout their schooling--no matter their age--and don't have to worry about renewal fees. If you forget you even have a subscription--no problem! When you remember, it's there waiting for you!

And RIGHT NOW is the PERFECT time to snag your LIFETIME subscription--because today starts the FIRST EVER FALL LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP SALE!

Notebooking Pages Membership Sale
For the next THREE DAYS ONLY, you can snag a lifetime membership to this fantastic site for $25 off! What does that mean $$ wise? Usually, a membership is $97 (still reasonable for a LIFETIME membership) but NOW you can get the same membership for just...$72!! 

Not only do you get access to the ENTIRE WEBSITE FOREVER, but you also receive their 2 special bonuses ... 6 months free notebooking web-app AND over $100 in homeschool bonuses!

It's a fabulous deal--and I one that I hope you will take advantage of!

But remember--THREE DAYS ONLY!

To make it even easier there are TWO WAYS TO PAY!

#1 Simply go ahead and pay your $72 in one payment
#2 Break it into three smaller payments over a couple months starting with $10 at checkout (then $31 and $31 a month later)

BOTH METHODS GRANT YOU FULL MEMBERSHIP--so don't think you won't get as much by picking the payment plan!

I really really hope you will consider adding this wonderful resource to your homeschool--I have used it more than I ever thought I would!

Get signed up before it's too late!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

October 18, 2017

Give or Get--your choice! {Biblical Wisdom for Wednesday}

I don't have a lot of time to blog today, so I thought I would simply go for another installment of Biblical Wisdom for Wednesday. Today I was thinking about the word GIVE. It's a short word. A verb. It's a transitive verb. Meaning it requires a direct object to be complete. If someone says "give", the next response is.."give what?" Give is an action that requires people to sacrifice. 

What? A sacrifice? 

Strengthen Reading Skills with Reading Eggs {Product Review}

Reading Eggs~ a review (and free 4 week trial!)
If you have a child and have ever mentioned that your child struggles in reading, or that you would love a website to help boost reading skills, I'm sure that someone has mentioned Reading Eggs to you! This online learning resource is ranked high in the list of "must-have" reading programs--I had done the free trial when my youngest son was 6, but was curious to explore it more thoroughly. Over the past few weeks I have been able to review the full Reading Eggs website to see all the things they offer!

About Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is an online reading resource designed to boost your child's skills in reading and reading comprehension. With the online reading games and activities, reading will be a FUN

October 14, 2017

Adventures in Handlettering, Part 2

Adventures In Handlettering, Part 2
The links on this blog and in the posts may be affiliate links
Please see my disclosure policy for full details and thank you for your support!

A month or so ago I shared how I've been enjoying exploring the world of handlettering. It's been fun exploring ways to create my own handwritten fonts and using them to write a quote, word, or scripture. I especially like it when I'm listening to a sermon and a statement or a scripture jumps out at me. Now instead of trying to find it later in my notes, I can simply turn it into word art right therein my notebook! It's great to thumb back through to see what has caught my attention from different studies or speakers.

I watch several Instagram accounts for ideas, as well as save a lot in my two handlettering boards on Pinterest. I decided I needed to get some better pens, so I splurged on THIS BRUSH TIP SET BY TOMBOW, THIS GELLY ROLL SET FOR WHITE HIGHLIGHTING BY SAKURA and THIS FINE LINE SET OF MICRON PENS FROM SAKURA. They have made a big difference in my hand lettering creations. I highly recommend adding them to your own collection if you do bible journalling or handlettering as well!

Here are some of the handlettering creations I've done over the last few weeks...
It's plain and simple. just testing different letter styles

When I am overcome by worry or complaining---ask this question

Playing around with banners and vines

This one is my favorite of the batch!

My whimsical selection to try new lettering

You can find these and all the rest of my creations I've done on my INSTGRAM account! :) I think they are fun to make, and give me an easy outlet for my crafty side! I have had requests to turn some of them into notecards to sell--we will see if I venture into that or not!

Have a simply marvelous day!

October 10, 2017

Explore Riveting Tales of Adventures with Brinkman Adventures Audiodrama {Product Review}

Brinkman Adventures Season 4 -a review
Audio adventures are always enjoyed by our family. Back in 2014 we had a chance to review the Brinkman Adventures Season 2 and had mixed thoughts on it. We lately have been reviewing the Brinkman Adventures Season 4. Join me in discovering if our thoughts on these Christian audiodramas changed!

About Brinkman Adventures

Brinkman Adventures is an audiodrama series that follows a family of missionaries on their journey's around the world. The family homeschool their many children (8+!) and the oldest daughters blog about their escapades. All of their journeys and many of the people they meet are based on real life experiences by

October 9, 2017

Take the Stress out of Math with CTCMath {Curriculum Review}

CTCMath Online Math Curriculum Review
A few years ago, we were first introduced to CTCMath and it changed my oldest son's view and attitude on math to the positive. We reviewed it again allowing my youngest to have a go at it. It wasn't a good fit at that time, so we just kept using it for my oldest. This year, we had another chance to review this program and I was curious to see if my youngest would enjoy it more this time and I looked forward to exploring the next grade level for my oldest son. Over the last few weeks we have been reviewing CTCMath's Family Membership with my boys and I have been enjoying seeing them progress through this program! (There is a FREE TRIAL you can try out! Expires Nov. 15, 2017)

About CTCMath

CTCMath is an online program designed to be used like an online math tutor. The program allows the student to work at their own pace, to stop and rewind the teacher during a lesson until they get what is being taught, access their work at any time of the day, get caught up or even jump ahead. Each of the video tutorials is audio and visual with easy to follow explanations and animation. The videos can even be accessed on some mobile devices!

October 7, 2017

What Will My Story Be? {Five Minute Friday}

What will my story be? {5 Minute Friday}
I am currently away in Lake Junaluska, NC worshipping with about 600 brothers and sisters in Christ as we celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles this year. It's been an amazing few days thus far--and I've been thinking a lot about the topics that have been covered by the speakers. Interestingly enough, I believe that they tie in with this week's theme of STORY for Five Minute Friday...


A Tale
An adventure of some sort. Be it through a romance. A trial. A quest. Or even just the adventure of life.
Stories move us. Stories encourage us. Stories teach us.
Some of the most inspirational stories can be found in the pages of God's Holy Word--the Bible. There are oh so many tales to be discovered. And they teach so many lessons. Faith like Abraham. Patience and Meekness of Moses. Courage of Joshua. The boldness of David. The persistence of Hannah. The cowardness of Jonah. The stubborness of Balaam. The passion of Paul. The Strength of Christ.

All these stories are there for our benefit. I know I learn much from them. The psalms of David can lift me up. His life story and his ups and downs bring me comfort in his humanity.

What about my story?
What kind of legacy will I leave for those who follow behind?
Will my life's tale encourage someone? Will it build them up?

This is when the chorus lyrics from a song pop into my head. They are very profound and something I need to be thinking about every day...

I want to leave a legacy
How will they remember me?
Did I choose to love?
Did I point to You enough
To make a mark on things
I want to leave an offering
A child of mercy and grace
Who blessed Your name unapologetically
And leave that kind of legacy
Not well-traveled, not well-read
Not well-to-do or well-bred
Just want to hear instead
Well done, good and faithful one
("Legacy", Nichole Nordeman)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend surrounded by family and friends! If you have a blog, I encourage you to join in our weekly Five Minute Friday posts!

October 3, 2017

One Page a Day: Double Digit Math Problem Workbook {Product Review}

One Page a Day: Double Digit Math Problem Workbook {a review}
While our family isn't really a worksheets homeschooling family, we do like to use them now and then for supplemental work. My youngest son ADORES math, and is always willing to do more math--therefore, I was hopeful that the One Page a Day: Double Digit Math Problem Workbook from Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks would be a good match for our family and looked forward to our review of this product.

About Channie's Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks

Channie's Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks was first created as a way to help the owner teach her own son. He was struggling learning handwriting and nothing

October 2, 2017

Revisiting Super Teacher Worksheets: One Stop Destination for Educational Printables {Product Review}

Two years ago I was introduced to Super Teacher Worksheets. Throughout the course of that year I regularly visited the website to supplement our schooling. I was sad when my subscription expired. Needless to say, when we were given another chance to review Super Teacher Worksheets with their Individual Membership, I rejoiced at having access to such a great site, and looked forward to seeing the new items that I was sure had been added.

About Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets is a website devoted to offering quality classroom printable resources all in one place. For one low price, a teacher can