February 28, 2010

17 weeks 5 days

Good morning little Eggplant!

Mum-mum and I were trying to think what veggie or fruit you were size wise and decided an eggplant sounded about right! LOL!

You are DEFINITELY growing as I can feel so much more now. In fact, you tend to make me pause at times as you stretch and make my tummy pull in places. I know there isn't much room for you in there, but sometimes it does hurt your mommy! But that's okay. Keep on stretching and growing, love!

It's getting closer and closer to finding out if you are going to be a little prince or a princess! Just 1 1/2 weeks! So close and so exciting! We are REALLY getting excited! It will just be nice to call you by a name or even just a definite "he" or "she"! I think your mum-mum is really going to enjoy seeing you on that ultrasound screen! LOL!

Well, it had to happen eventually and it's happening now. Mommy is starting to be hungry ALL THE TIME! I know this is really a good thing as it means mommy needs to start adding some calories (sob!) to give you more energy to grow...but it also means mommy is going to start gaining some weight. Boo!!! LOL! But it comes with the territory! Mommy just has to watch what she eats to make sure it's the RIGHT stuff...probably not a good idea to keep eating the cinnamon rolls she's been consuming here lately. Very tasty, but not very healthy!

For the record, I admit that I'm still feeling boy for you love...so I'm curious to see if you've just been fooling me, or if mommy's intuition is right!

I love you forever and always!

February 21, 2010

16 weeks 5 days

Well my luv...you are no longer my little Limey! You have grown to avocado proportions! So for now, I have dubbed you my Little Avocado! Hmm, if I knew you were a girl, I'd call you Little Ava! LOL!

Mommy isn't feeling so hot today. I think I've caught the cold that your brother has had. But hopefully between water, hot tea and good vitamins, Mommy can stop it in it's tracks!

I have been enjoying feeling your movements, my dearest. Some days you are busier than others and there are times I wish I could feel you move all the time. But I know that as you get bigger, I might regret that wish! LOL! I noticed again today that when I take a shower, you move to the top of my belly and I think you like hearing the water when it hits my belly.

Here is our new belly picture:

Compared to two weeks ago, I do believe you are making mommy poke out quite a bit, luv! I was told yesterday that I already looked like I had half a watermelon! Hmmm...how do I respond to that? LOL! Sigh. I know, I know. Women tend to have BIG BELLIES in our family when reaching that last trimester. Your brother gave me a watermelon and I'm sure you will too! But that's okay...it comes with the territory!

Mommy has a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I'm itching to hear your heartbeat again. I'm NOT itching to get on the scale. Sigh. But they always like to torture us pregnant women like that...

Your mum-mum will be coming next week! Your mommy is going to be very happy to see her! And then your papa will be visiting too and we will be having such a good time together! Maybe you will be kicking harder by then and they will be able to feel you...that would be delightful! The best thing about them coming, though, is that the day Papa flies out here is the day mum-mum and I will learn whether you are a little boy or a girl! I can't wait to see you again on that ultrasound! We are going to take a video tape so we can record you moving around like we did with your brother...that is always so much fun to watch!

Well, lovie, I need to go now.

Remember that I will love you always and forever! You are our little blessing from God and we thank Him EVERY DAY for your existence!

February 14, 2010

15 weeks 5 days

Dear Little Lime,

Well, my darling...we are coming up on 4 months. Looking at my ticker I realise we are getting very close to the halfway mark! Isn't that so exciting?? It sure is for me, even if the first week of August seems like AGES away...

I want to thank you for completely eliminating my anxiety. Feeling you move sooo much this week, just brings joy to my heart because I KNOW that you are there. You flip and flutter and it gives me such a thrill. This is one of my most favorite things about pregnancy. Feeling all those movements inside.

It appears that you adore chocolate milk. On Friday morning, I drank a glass of it before we went to the farm show and then 15 minutes later you were flipping and kicking. Doing summersaults I believe! Everyone tells me that you MUST be a girl since women love chocolate so much! LOL! I don't know though...your daddy and brother love chocolate even more then I do! LOL! But I would rather believe that you are just a chocolate lovin' little girl!

Only a few more weeks until my gender ultrasound. It will be so exciting to know if you are a little boy or a little girl! Once we know, we can start buckling down on names and just getting everything ready for your appearance. It's so exciting to think of having a baby in the house again.

Well, my Little Lime...keep on growing strong. Feel free to move around and kick as much as you like! Your mommy loves it!

I love you forever,

February 7, 2010

14 weeks 5 days

Dear Little Lime~

We are almost at the 15 week mark! Only 25 weeks to go! LOL!

I think I felt you move last night. I was lying on my back and felt a little flutter about 2-3" below my belly button. It was in the right place, so I'm just going to assume it was you. I waited and hoped you would do it again, but you didn't. But that's okay because at 1:00am you should be sleeping anyways. It's good for you to practice that now, because I'd appreciate it if you continued it once you arrive! LOL!

I know I've been anxious over you, but between losing my cookies due to a bad smell, food still tasting icky, an aversion to ground beef and this little flutter, I feel MUCH better about things. I am still very very eager to hear your heartbeat again next week. And it's only a month before we get to find out whether or not you are a boy or a girl. After the weekend I've had with your daddy and brother, I'm praying with all my heart you are a little GIRL! LOL! I need another female in this house to even things up!

Here is our picture for this week:

You can see that I'm getting almost pointy already which is funny. I really am a bit lopsided when I look at my tummy, so you must be more on one side then the other. My shirts aren't quite coming down as far as I'd like, which tells me that I'm carrying you high right now.

Well, my love I am in need of groceries, so I'm going to head out the door. I will wander through the baby section again and touch all the cute things that I'm dying to be able to buy again.

Grow strong and healthy, love.

I love your forever,

February 1, 2010

13 weeks 6 days

Good morning, Little Lime!

I have been quite worried about you lately. You see, it was around this stage in my last pregnancy that things went horribly wrong, but I didn't find out until several weeks later. So Little Lime, forgive me if your mommy is a tad bit concerned and anxious. I'm sure that nothing is wrong, but until I get to that next appointment in 2 weeks, and hear your heartbeat, I'm going to be a bit anxious.

I have prayed for you. And prayed that I might have peace. I'm trying to leave it in God's hands, but it is normal I think for me to be worried.

On the other hand, my symptoms of being pregnant have not waned. I am OBVIOUSLY still pregnant as I still have the fatigue, food sensitivities, and tenderness in the chest. If I remember right from last time, all these symptoms had disappeared well before this point...so I am taking heart in that.

We've been talking about names again for you. Here are some of the names we've thrown around lately...

Boy: Shawn, Jacob, Andrew
Girl: Katherine, Chloe, Natalie

We don't know yet whether you are a girl or boy, so we just keep on finding new names and tucking them away as possibilities.

It's hard to believe it's already February of this year. I'm sure that before I know it, it will be July and I'll be so excited for your arrival.

Keep growing, love. Stay healthy and strong.

Love you always and forever,