April 22, 2011

8 months +

It's so cute! Justin knows how to wave! He holds his arm up and flicks his hand. Adorable! He says "Hey" when he does it too. Just another thing to add--of course he still doesn't crawl or say anything else..but I'm sure that will come before too long.

April 20, 2011

8 months plus...

Hello again. It's time for another update on Justin (aka Beefcake). He's a whopping 28 lbs now--shocking! He isn't covered in rolls--so we aren't quite sure where he stores all that weight! LOL! But due to his size, he's now in 12 month clothes and has sent me to the chiropractor for back issues and gave me a mild round of tendonitis! Oy!

He is still Mr. Notalk. He chatters and goos and coos...but no "mamamama" or "dadadada" or anything other than "Hey!" After Seth having about 15 words under his belt before he turned a year old, and about 8 of them in his vocab by the time he was 10 months, this is very unusual!

Still not crawling...but manages to get around with a Bear Walk/Army crawl. He LOVES to stand up and prefers that over anything else--if you will hold him up. He will stand up in his crib as long as he can possibly hold on until he finally gets tired and lets go. He loves maneuvering along the rail.

And we have THREE teeth now. His upper right came in yesterday after several nights of no sleep on MY behalf. Ugh. NOt fun! #4 is working it's way in and then I'm hopeful for a brief break and hopefully more sleep!

On the food front--he's Mr. Milk Man! He doesn't really like solids at all--something else we are getting used to. Seth ate anything not nailed down! Justin prefers room temperature food combos like "Apple Butternut Squash" or "Peach Banana Oatmeal" but "Sweet Potatoes Cinnamon" is the only one he will hork down like no tomorrow. He most definitely prefers fruits and sweet veggies. And he loves water.

So that's where we are right now. He's so much fun and loves to smile and play! And those chubby legs are just delicious to nibble on!