April 24, 2012

Kickin' It with Kk-Kangaroos!

We like Kangaroos! Here are some pics from our Kk-Kangaroo week...
We didn't come up with a lot of K words, but I think Little Britches did pretty well!

Words in this week's word bank
(he *withdrawls* 3 or for and writes them and then reads them)

Our KWL chart for the week...
the "LEARNED"...
Learned about a new animal family...
We did dot painting with Q-tips like the Aborigines in Australia where the Kangaroos live.

Little Britches' instructions for how to draw a Kangaroo...
We also worked on skip counting--the 10's

We borrowed some wonderful books at the library all about Kangaroos...and even some fun ones to read like

We measured ourselves to see how far we could jump...then compared it to a Kangaroo. We measured our feet to determine whether or not we were macro-pods...it was determined that while we weren't, my brother (Uncle David) and my dad (Papa) were with their sized 14 and 13 1/2 feet respectively. Oh how joyfully Little Britches informed Papa of this. He also loved learning about and seeing pictures of the Wallaroos--shorter, fatter and fluffier than Kangaroos...and they made us think of Papa since his name is Wally. Oh how Little Britches giggled when he told Papa. I naturally had to clarify that it was the NAME, not what they looked like which made us think of Papa. (Grin!)

We also liked watching this Kangaroo Boxing video...

We also completed a couple of the activities from the Marsupials lapbook unit offered by Homeschoolshare.com. We did the Kangaroo Facts and Kangaroo Family ones. I had him choose facts from our "what I've learned" list.

We enjoyed doing Kangaroos and we both enjoyed learning new things...a good unit for all!

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