December 13, 2010

4 months Week 2

Wow! It's been quite awhile since I last posted on our family site. Let me see if I can catch up...Justin is growing like a weed! He is off the Height/Weight charts and is always in the 90+ percentile. He LOVES to eat! It's almost time for him to start trying out rice cereal and fruits/veggies, but I'm going to wait a bit least until he has his first teeth come in!

His first tooth is SOOO close! You can see it under the gum and he's a drooling machine! Seth's first tooth came in a day after he turned 4 months and then 2 days later got tooth #2, so Justin is later than Seth already, but can you even imagine how cute my little Chubbycakes is going to be once it shows up??

We had to pack away all his clothing that was under 6 months. He's actually a mix of 6-12 months with his bullfrog belly! His legs finally caught up and he wears the same size in pants as in onesies. His little feet are just as thick as they are wide, so he has to wear size 2 or 3 in shoes just to get them on his foot! So cute!

We made the transition tonight of moving him into his crib in the office. He's been in his cradle since we brought him home...but he's getting more restless in it...I'm guessing because he's always crammed against the rails unless we keep it from rocking. I will miss his little noises his random farts in the middle of the night. :) (giggle) but mostly his early morning coos and chatter. It amazes me that Seth was in his own room and crib by the time he was 8 weeks old! I'm all paranoid I'll sleep through Justin's fusses...but know that's not true as I have the mommy intuition of when my babies need me. We don't have a baby monitor because the boys rooms are just across the living room...and leaving the doors open allows me to hear them.

Seth was really sweet. He told me that, "if Bubby wakes up, I'll go in and tell him it'll be okay." Awh...he's so precious and loves his brother so much!

Justin is loving his walker. He's *bored* with his bouncer because he wants to be up and standing and he's already figured out how to push himself backwards in it! He *plays* with his little trucks, ring links and rattles having a great time.

He's known how to roll over for awhile, but he's this close to rolling from back to front. He gets up on his side and with one leg kick could go over...but he hasn't figure it out yet. He will soon.

And last nigth we thought he was going to army crawl to me! He got his knee up where it needed to be and his arms ready and then pushed...but with his arms instead of his legs and went backwards! LOL! His belly sort of gets in the way right now...but it won't be long.

As for talking, he's starting to say "muh" so I knows he's SUPER close to saying "Muhmuhmuhmuhmuh" which will be music to my ears!

Okay, so that about wraps it up! He is a healthy little bugger and such a heart just overflows with love for my boys!

October 24, 2010

2 Months: Week #3

Well, little chubby monkey just keeps getting bigger and bigger! I think he's on a mission to grow up as fast as he possibly can! He's got not one...but TWO teeth coming in! He rolls over like a pro, holds his head up like a champ and loves to talk! I even got my first big round of belly laughs from him this week! I feel like every day is an adventure when you have a baby--cause you never know what they are going to do next!

One of the sweetest things is when Seth gets on the floor next to Justin to play. Justin just lifts his head up to watch and watch and will reach for the toys now too. He will even fuss unless Seth gets right next to him! Big Brother Adoration!

He loves to talk to all his hanging toys on his bouncer and carseat and it just cracks me up sometimes to listen to him.

I thank God for this precious little boy that we prayed sooo hard for!

October 15, 2010

2 Months Week #2

It's been awhile since I last posted, but we've been busy travelling to PA for the feast and then coming home and getting back in schedule. During that time, Justin has just been growing like a weed and getting so big! Can you believe he's already had his first haircut? Yep! He's also already rolled over from tummy to back! And he can do it to the left or right! He's a pro at doing baby pushups and holding his head up. He's really a strong little fella!

Today was his 2 month checkup and boy, he grew! in the last 6 weeks he's gained nearly 4lbs and grew 3"! He's a whopping 16 lbs 4.5 oz and 25" long! Basically the size of a 6 or 7 month old! He's just so cute and chubby and such a happy baby! I love that he's a minimal fuss baby. He really only cries if he's hungry, dirty, sleepy...or hurt! Today he cried and cried and cried because he got two shots--one in each thigh! That made him very sore tonight, but I finally got him down for bed and hope for a good 7 hour stretch....

oh yeah, did I mention he started sleeping through the night the first night we were in PA? Yes, he did! A 7 hour night! followed by 3 more hours! And he's done that every night since! It's WONDERFUL!!!

One of my favorite things is that he's such a talker. Tonight he was just talking up a storm and we got it on video! So I'm going to upload it to Youtube and then post it for everyone to enjoy because it's just too cute!

September 10, 2010

5 weeks old

Well, it's hard to believe but Chunky Monkey (aka. Justin) is already over a month old! Where has the time gone? He is growing like a weed...a fat weed. The child is just getting more and more roly-poly by the day! He's got two chins accounted for...and it working on #3! LOL! He is sleeping a lot more regular and is bright-eyed a lot longer during the day sometimes going 1 1/2 to 2 hours between naps! But man, does this child love to sleep!

We had to bust out a pacifier as there are times when he gets TOO sleepy and then can't go to sleep without crying and crying. We found a pacifier helps in those situations...and then he drops it out once he's asleep which is great! No serious dependency! And he's awfully cute sucking the tar out of that thing! LOL!

He is grinning and laughing all the time now and has started cooing to talk to us. There just isn't anything more can you resist a cooing smiling baby? You just can't! Which we learned during offertory service yesterday...yeah, we sort of missed the message because he was cooing at us! Whoops! :)

Only 11 more days until we leave for Pennsylvania and the chance to see my family again. My dad and brother have yet to meet Justin in person and are dying to get their hands on his Royal Chubs. I'm pretty sure that once we get there, I will only have to hold him for feeding sessions! LOL!

Here is one of my latest pictures of the butterball boy:

Cutie patootie!!

August 29, 2010

3 weeks 3 days

Can you believe that Justin will already be a month old this coming Thursday? Shocking isn't it? Time is just whoooshing along as it usually does when you have babies. Every day something has changed--and if you miss a couple days...Wow! Talk about serious change! I think the chunkey monkey gains an ounce a day because he gets heavier and heavier! LOL! His double chin has definitely outgrown his first chin and his creases are getting deeper and deeper!

Yesterday was his first day at church and it went well. My family managed to be out the door on time and we didn't forget anything! Everyone loved meeting Justin for the first time and naturally loved his hair! Unfortunately, the little bugger didn't sleep during church at all, choosing to wait until 5 minutes before church was OVER to close his eyes! Isn't that how it always works??

I posted a pic of him wearing his first church duds on the left side of my blog. He looked so cute! I even got him in some shoes! Seth wasn't able to wear shoes for a long time because his feet weren't long enough.

Everything is going well still. I need a nap...but what mommy doesn't?? Justin does pretty well at night--typically going 3 hours between feedings. And he usually goes right back to sleep which is wonderful!

Ever since I started my bland diet, his tummy hasn't bothered him during the night which is great. And I noticed his hiccups aren't coming as regularly. Of course now we are dealing with baby acne. It is all over his poor face, but doesn't seem to bother him. In fact, the person it seems to bother the most is John! LOL! We are hoping it will clear up in the next couple weeks before we leave for the Feast.

Can you believe September starts this week? Shocking! My dad and John share September 5th as their birthday, so i need to whip up some birthday cards. I wish we were doing something exciting for Labor Day weekend...but no...however, tomorrow I am heading into Cincinnati to spend some time with one of my friends as well as going shopping! Woohoo!

Well, gotta go do some housework...and sneak in a nap!

August 23, 2010

2 weeks 4 days

Everyone seems to finally be on the mend here in our house. Seth is improved, though still a bit congested; Justin is just finishing out his anti-biotic for his ear infections; and I'm finishing out mine for my mastitis. It was a rough end of the week and one I hope to NOT repeat anytime soon!

Now I just have to start transitioning myself to bland diets. Justin seems to REALLY get affected by the things I eat, though not something like dairy...more like if I have the smallest piece of chocolate, or a small portion of green veggies...than I pay for it during the night. So I need to just cut myself off of things that I KNOW or even SUSPECT might make his tummy bother him later.

Case in point was last night. I went to bed around 12:30am with John. I was hoping to spend most of the night by his side since he leaves for work in Cinci at 6am Mondays and doesn't come home again until Wednesday. But it wasn't to be. I spent a total of 30 minutes sleeping by his side. The rest of the time I was dealing with an awake and crying baby. Not fun. My 4 hr total of sleep for the whole night--on top of all the sleepless nights I've had over the past few days due to sickness...well, it just isn't making me to energetic today!

So I do what I need to do...cutting myself off from certain things while he's still little. Sigh. It's hard, but mommy's just got to do it!

August 18, 2010

13 days old...

Just a quick note...Justin had a high fever in the wee hours of the morning today...101.5. Thankfully no other symptoms so they said to just bring him to the pedi a few hours later. Learned he has an ear infection...but a high white blood cell count too. So we headed over to the hospital for cultures to be drawn and an antibiotic shot to be given. By then he was MUCH better and nursing like a pro again.

But now we've go to wait 2-3 days for the result of his cultures...and I learned I have mastitis. Oh yes...It's been a glorious day...but it could have been worse. I narrowly missed a HORRIBLE car accident where I was the first person on the scene and could have been involved had God not intervened by putting me behind a slow car.

So my day could have been a million times worse...and for that I will be thankful...

But prayers are requested for both me AND Justin so that we can both be back to normal ASAP!

August 15, 2010

1 week 3 days

Life with baby is just wonderful. Justin is so good and just sleeps and eats most of the day. His awake time is getting longer and he's starting to notice things like stuffed animals hanging from his bouncer. And he's moving his hands and arms now a lot more. He will do more gripping of your fingers now. His little legs are plumping up quite quickly and his diapers are getting a big tight around his chubber thighs! We just LOVVVVVEEE pinching those things!

His circumcision is almost healed and the plastibell is hanging--literally--by a thread, so we expect that to come off in the next day or so. His belly button is looking good and will probably come off at the end of this week sometime.

He is just such a pleasant baby. Content to be held and wooled all over. He eats well and other than a few random tummy troubles, rarely cries. He has a much different cry than Seth. It's a lot quieter for one thing! He does NOT wake the dead like Seth could! LOL! And he only cries really, if he's hungry, has gas or is wet. He HATES wet diapers.

So really our transition is going well. I'm able to get blocks of sleep at night which I'm getting adjusted to and since he continues to sleep like that during the day, it is allowing me time to do normal stuff--you know--laundry, dishes, ect...but I also take time for that blessed thing called a...NAP!

Everyone is in love with our baby bundle...even Seth! He likes to lie down on the floor next to him and just talk to him and show him his toys. I'm so glad that Seth is adjusting well. I was worried about it for awhile.

It is tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday that will be the real test though. It will be my first 3 days without any extra help from mom or John. Hopefully, Justin will continue to do what he's been doing and it won't be any trouble. I just really have to remember to catch some ZZZZZZ's during the day just in case the nights are rough.

Thanks for all the warm wishes and prayers for our new family!

August 13, 2010

One week and one day

It is hard to believe that Justin is already a week old! How fast the days go by. He's changed so much already--packing on the chubbers and filling out that wrinkly skin! He weight 8lbs 13 oz at birth...then was down to 8lbs 6 oz on Sunday...but yesterday at his WIC appointment he was up to 10lbs 2 oz! That is shocking...we are a bit skeptical, but he is chunking up fast. I put an outfit on him today which he wore earlier this week. It was a night and day difference on how it fit him! So maybe he is nearing 10 lbs already! We just love his double chin and his chubby thighs we can't keep our hands off of them. LOL!

Mom went home yesterday which was bittersweet for her. She hated to leave us behind, but since it had been 3 weeks, she was itching to get back home to dad and my brother. We are so thankful we have SKYPE so we can video chat every night. Not to mention it's only 6 weeks until we see each other again--this time WITH my dad and brother--when we keep the Feast of Tabernacles in Bushkill, PA! We are all staying together in a big house which will be soooo much fun!

I'm itching to get back to my normal activities which thankfully will be easier to do since Justin is such an *easy* baby that just likes to eat and sleep all day long! He rarely cries and if he does it's just because he's either wet or hungry. Both of which are easily dealt with.

Our nights are going great. Last night he did a 4 hour stretch and then a 3 hour stretch giving me a delightful 7 hours of sleep! Sigh. So nice. I think he'll do a full night sleep before too long. I've started cathing my nursing leaks and discovered I leak about 2 ounces per nursing session! That is a LOT which is why I'm capturing it in a bottle! I will easily fill a 4 oz bottle every day!

See, again proof...that's why he's so chunky! LOL!

Seth adores being *in charge* when I have to use the restroom or go grab something. I tell him to keep on an eye on Justin for me and he goes over to wherever Justin is and talks to him and rubs his skin while I'm gone. It's so precious. I'm sure eventually he'll get tired of doing it...but right now it's a responsibility he enjoys.

Well, time to get crackin' on some things I need to get done today.

August 9, 2010

4 days old

It's been 4 days since Justin's birth, but it already seems like he's been in our lives FOREVER! We love to just sit together and gaze at him while he's sleeping and everyone competes for a glimpse at his little sleepy smile. He's such a darling little lovebug and I just drink in his baby smell. What IS IT that makes them smell like that? It must be a special perfume created by God to captivate you and make you willing to drop everything just for a chance to snuggle that precious bundle and drink in that intoxicating scent again.

I love how he loves mommy best...what? You KNOW he does because I'm the feed bag! LOL! But when he gives me little rooter kisses and turns to me when he hears my he scooches out of John's arms to root his way into mine. What's NOT to love? I don't mind that I'm connected to him. I adore every moment. Even the 2:30am ones.

So far, he's just an easy baby. Sleeps and sleeps and then loves to do time just sitting and looking around. He hardly ever cries and when he does, he just doesn't have that full blown baby wail that some do. At least not YET...

Yep, we all love him. Even Seth. Seth tells everyone that he LOVES his brother. But he's very particular about one thing. You had better not call him--or refer to Justin---as "Bubby". Nope. Seth made it VERY clear that Justin is to call him "Seth" and that Justin is his "brother" or "baby" or "Justin" NOT "bub" or "Bubby". He clears that up right away whenever someone refers to him or Justin as such. (snicker)

Well, time for a nap...for mommy!

Here's a mini slideshow of some of my favorite shots we've taken thus far...

August 5, 2010

Justin Walter is here...

I'm pleased to announce the birth of our newest addition to the McKinney family!

Justin Walter arrived in a timely fashion after a few hitches at 6:54pm on August 5, 2010. The date that my OB told me was my due date, by the way! LOL! He was nearly the same measurements as Seth--but just a pound bigger! He was 8lbs 13 oz and 21 1/4" long. His head was the same as his brothers measuring 14cm. His little chest measured 12. He has the most AMAZING hair! It's about 3" long and consists of three different colors: black, brown and blond! It will be interesting to see what it ends up being. He's like a little basset hound with lots of wrinkles and skin to be filled and we think he's going to be quite the little chunky monkey.

His face is perfect and round and sweet and seems to already take after the McKinney side more than the Browning side. He is quieter than a mouse and rarely makes a peep. He lets anyone hold him as long as he can just sleep and slept through his first messy diaper change! I know it probably won't stay like this, but while it does we are LOVING IT!

Big brother Seth is itching to see him and will be arriving at the hospital tomorrow with my mom and mother-in-law for the big introduction.

As for me, I'm doing great! I feel amazing and being able to go natural this time around was WONDERFUL and even though I went through a VERY ROUGH patch in delivery it still didn't hardly take long at all once I got pushing to get him out and into this world. I only tore a tiny bit and had a mere 3 stitches...compared to my 30+ with Seth THIS IS AMAZING!

Well, it's late and my new family of 4 (minus Seth at home) is sleepy...time to nurse my little monkey and get some sleep.

Sigh. God is good and wonderful among all things. He answered all my prayers. I have my precious bundle and he is very sweet indeed.

To all of you out there who have been thinking and praying for us...I can only quote William Shakespeare:

"I can no other answer make, but thanks and thanks."



August 4, 2010

40 weeks 1 Day

Dearest baby of mine!

Come out! Come out! It's time for you to come out and play! You have been baking in there for 40 long weeks and now you need to come out and see us. We want to hold you and kiss you and tickle your little toes.

Mommy's doctor is sure that I will go anytime/anyday and doesn't think I will even make it to my inducement date on Monday! Woot! You hear that, baby? Come out!

I can't wait to see your fat little tummy and kissable cheeks! I want to meet you! It's time to stop hiding and present yourself!

Looking forward to meeting you anytime--anyday!

Love you always and forever!

July 29, 2010

39 weeks 2 days

Dearest Baby of mine,

God grant me the serenity to make it through the next few days until your arrival. Our doctor is driving me nuts. He keeps trying to convince mommy to force you to come out instead of just leaving you alone. He doesn't seem to know whether he's coming or going with us. One minute he's saying mommy's sugars are fine and the next minute he's trying to scare mommy about what can happen to babies of diabetic mommies. Poor man. He's got so many women to take care of before he retires at the end of the month...I think he's forgotten who is whom!

But don't you worry. Your mommy is going to make sure you don't come until you are ready and willing to arrive. So far you are just doing fine in there. Your little heartbeat is steady and you are moving for me regularly. Signs which tells me that things are going perfectly fine in there. Your last ultrasound (last week) showed mommy that things look good on the inside too. So you just come out when your ready...

But if mommy can make a about you come out before Monday so I don't have to go back to this silly doctor again????? Think you can do that for your mommy?? LOL! I'm sure that if God wants you to arrive by Monday, then you will...and if He has it in His plans for you to bake longer...well, that is fine too. I just need a new dose of patience to deal with our doctor.

I love you now and forever!

July 28, 2010

39 weeks 1 day

Dearest baby of mine,

It's another day for a checkup. I was really hoping that you would make me miss this one with your arrival, but that's okay. Maybe our doctor will do something that will make me go into Labor today or tonight! Wouldn't that be nice?

You wiggle around and I know you are out of why not come on out here and you can have all the room you want to stretch! There are eager arms waiting to hold you and hearts ready to love you. And the attention you will get...oh my. So many people wanting to see you and meet you. So why not go ahead and come out?

I really don't mind missing my appointment this evening if it means I'm in the process of seeing your beautiful face...

Love you always and forever...

July 21, 2010

38 weeks 5 days

It's another day closer to your arrival. You've been making your eminent arrival known through new aches and pains as my body adjusts to get ready for labor. That's okay by us...but today would be awfully convenient since your daddy is still home from work...

I know there is still about a week left until you are REALLY due, but coming early is perfectly fine, my loved one. We are SOOOO ready for you!

We decided that it might be wise to figure out a girl name for you...just in case you decide to surprise everyone by really being a little PRINCESS! So if you are a princess, you will be named Jaclyn Louise....and mommy through in some pink stuff JUST IN CASE... :)

Whether you are a Justin or a little Jaclyn we are just ready to welcome you with open arms!

Loving you now and forever,

July 19, 2010

37 weeks 6 days

Dear baby love...

It's getting to the point where every day I ask you (and God) if THIS will be the day you arrive. Part of that comes from just eager expectation and the other part from the fact that my feet are killing me! LOL! Mommy's poor feet don't even look like her own. They are so swollen they wrinkle at the toes and hurt...oh my how they ache. This is something mommy didn't experience when she was pregnant with your brother during the winter and an experience she hopes she can avoid next time around!

Mommy's friend Miss Jenn just had her baby boy today. You are going to be friends with him and his brother and sister as Mommy meets up with Miss Jenn every month. Oh what fun all you guys will have over the years. Your brother Seth is the oldest of the crew at 4 1/2...then comes Miss Jenn's Ophira (2) and Noam (1) and then little Ari (newborn). Yes sir, I think we will have fun getting together with our brood! Little Ari beat you out though...yep, he was supposed to wait a bit longer, but he decided to give his mommy a break...

I wouldn't be adverse to you doing the same thing for me, darling baby! LOL!

But I know that you will come out when it is time and not a moment sooner...

And so everyday I ask..."Will it be today?"

Love you always and forever,

July 13, 2010

37 weeks

Well baby, it's official...we are *full-term*!! That means that there is NO stopping us if you decide to come out. We are green-light for go! Of course it would be more "convenient" if you wait 2 more weeks for Mum-Mum...but please, don't let that stop you! LOL!

The weather is a bit cooler this week which makes your mommy sooo much more comfortable. Mommy doesn't like her fat feet from the swelling due to humidity. Yuck!

I seem to be getting bigger every day at this point. Shirts which fit the day before now show belly. I supposed that is because you are moving down...down...down...

Here is our Belly Pic:

From here on out, mommy is going to try to take weekly shots until you arrive and then will try to remember to take one the day you decide to make your grand entrance. It will be fun to look back on them later.

Stay healthy and strong and know there is a host of people just dying to make your acquaintance!

With love forever and always,

July 5, 2010

35 weeks 6 days

Dearest baby boy,

It is hard to believe but July is finally here! Only 1 month--or maybe less--until you get here! I've waited so long for this month to be here and now that it is here, it is almost hard to believe my pregnancy is almost over. And to think that you could be here in just maybe 2 or 3 weeks! That's no time! Of course, it would be more convenient for you to wait until my mom get's here in 3 weeks...LOL! But you just go ahead and come out when you are ready...but I'm warning you now that you will be receiving your eviction notice as soon as Mum-Mum gets here! And NO LATE ARRIVALS! LOL!

Your daddy FINALLY got out the baby stuff for me to go through. It's been packed away for 4 years, so I don't hardly remember what I even have! I need to sort and wash EVERYTHING since it's probably got that "packed away in storage" smell. And I have to clean up the bouncer, carseat and pack-n-play and stroller. And of course I have to clean out your brother's closet to make room for your things too. A lot of things to do between now and when you are supposed to arrive, so don't come too early, okay?

Your Mamaw made you the most adoreable cradle set. She special ordered the fabric just for you, love! Your brother thinks it's perfect!

Well, got a tons of things to do my darling little boy.

I love you always and forever,

June 27, 2010

34 weeks 5 days

Morning baby love,

Whew! It's hot out here on the outside! You are going to be arriving in one of the hottest summers Kentucky has had for awhile. Good thing mommy and daddy have you lots of cool onesies and a delightful Air Conditioned house for you to live in!

It's not much longer now. One month from today your Mum-Mum will be arriving to help mommy get everything ready for you to come. She says to make sure you don't come before she gets there, so I hope you listen to her! LOL! I think July is going to go pretty fast because I'm spending most of the month just getting ready for your arrival. Daddy is going to be getting out the baby things next weekend so we can get your bed set up and your carseat and stroller cleaned up. Mommy still needs to buy a new diaper bag which she's going to be looking for here shortly. Your daddy requested that it be black so he feels "comfortable" carrying it. Silly daddy.

Mommy is tired all the time and has to put her feet up throughout the day. And do you even realise how much water mommy is drinking? 60-80 ounces a day! That's more water than mommy usually drinks over a course of 2 or 3 days!

We find out on Monday how mommy's sugar is for the month. I'm really hoping that this new diet mommy is on has lowered my sugar counts. I know it has helped me keep off the excess weight. In fact, they got on mommy at her appointment last week because your mommy had LOST two pounds in one week. But baby, when your mommy is just eating nice cool things like sandwiches, salads, fruit and veggies, it's hard to gain weight! LOL! Yesterday I enjoyed a delightful snack of strawberries and yogurt. Yummy!

Well, I need to go do some things around the house and start drinking my water!

Loving you always and forever,

June 20, 2010

33 weeks 5 days

Dearest Justin,

Well love the countdown continues. Every day mommy gets more and more anxious for your arrival. This goes into overdrive when I come across adoreable new babies when I go shopping! They are so cute, but I know that you will be even MORE ADOREABLE because you will be ours.

Everytime I go shopping I always have people asking me when I'm due and it never fails...when I tell them August 3rd, their eyes bug out and they look at my belly and assure me that "you won't make it to August my dear." Don't they realise that the 3rd of August is just three measly days into the month? It's not like I said "August 23rd" or something. Naturally, I just smile and nod and hope that they are right. But seriously. It's getting old. And the staring at my belly? Small children look at me like I've got an alien growing inside. It's discomforting to say the least! LOL!

But I gladly put up with it because I know that I'm in love with my little "alien" inside of me. You are definitely making your presence known as you stretch and push. I think it's interseting that you've been a stretcher rather than a kicker. Your big brother was a kicker! He was like a jack rabbit inside! But you do it much more calmly...I hope that's a sign of your personality! LOL!

Well, it's going to be another scorcher, so mommy is just going to take it easy again today. Lots of resting and lots of water! Did you know our doctor wants me to drink at least 80 ounces of fluid a day??? That's a lot of liquid! But when it's this hot, it's really not that hard to do.

I love you forever and always!

June 13, 2010

32 weeks 5 days

Dear Justin,

Well, my love we are soooo close to being done I can almost taste it! We've hit our 8 month mark and are almost home free! I do prefer you remain in your current status for about 6 more weeks though please. Once your Mum-mum arrives on July 27th you are more than welcome to get the show on the road! Actually (don't tell her I said this) I wouldn't mind it, if you came even a few days earlier! LOL! But it would be much more convenient for you to wait...of course, since when is having a baby convenient?

At our last checkup, they told me that you weigh about 5 lbs 4 oz right now. A good size considering you still have 7 weeks until your due date! It's your head that worries me, my love. 3 weeks ahead? Must you have a large head? It would make mommy VERY happy if the rest of you would catch up to your head and your head just stay a nice steady under 14 cm. That is what your brother's head measured. His head was big enough. LOL!

It's hot and humid out here. Your clothing when you arrive is going to be very simple. Just diapers and onesies! Gotta keep you cool! It will be a bit different having a summer baby this time around. Your brother was a winter baby. But summertime just means I get to see your little chubby legs all the time and give them smooches!

Here is our monthly belly shot:

Take care and keep on growing like you should. Mommy loves you and we can't wait to make your acquaintance in a few more weeks!

Always and forever,

May 30, 2010

30 weeks 5 days

Hello my love!

It's Memorial Day weekend which means it's almost June and officially summer! I do believe this summer is going to be hot one! We've already had a few days over 90 degrees! With our luck, you will be born on the hottest day of the year, whereas your brother was born the day before it snowed several inches! My opposite boys...I just hope that opposite concept doesn't contine in personality! LOL!

We are getting down to the nitty-gritty now love! You and I only have about 9 weeks left--and that's if you decide to wait and arrive on your due date! It is so exciting to think I will be holding you in my arms that soon! I'm ready!

I've been seeeing pics or videos of little newborn babies a lot lately and it just makes me smile to know that my arms will be full very soon. We've been waiting a long time for you. Your brother is ready for you to show up too. He's still worried about my belly button and now is trying to determine how you are going to get out of there!

He's been enjoying feeling you move. He grins so big and likes to find where you are in my tummy. Lately you've been pushing back when he pushes on you. I try to remind him to be gentle for both of our sakes.

Mommy is still under orders to watch what she eats. She's really missing all her fruit, but has been able to restrain herself very well. But when you come out, you bet your sweet feet that mommy will be enjoying all the little things she's been avoiding--mostly all my fave fruits! I've eaten more eggs in the last month than I usually do in a period of SEVERAL months! LOL! But you are worth it. Very worth it.

We received our first box of diapers from a church friend yesterday. It tickled your daddy and pleased mommy a lot! Of course, we know you will be dirtying those suckers up within a week for sure! LOL! Mommy was glad to see that they were NOT the ones under fire right now. It's scary to think that diapers could be causing severe diaper rashes and chemical burns due to new chemicals/technology being used on them. Makes me again hope that your daddy will allow me to switch to cloth after a few months.

It's hot and humid and I'm ready to go stick my feet in our creek!

I love you now, forever and always!

May 23, 2010

29 weeks 5 days

Well my dearest little boy, we are so close! As of this coming Tuesday we will be down to just 10 more weeks before your expected due date! That's really not that long at all! I think it's going to fly by!

Everyone has been making guesses lately of when they think you will come or they've been telling me how big they think you are going to be. It's always fun to hear people make guesses, so I decided to create a game where everyone can place their guess and I can see what people think in regards to your arrival and size! All they have to do is go to THIS SITE to make their guess! It's going to be fun to see what happens and to see who guesses it the closest! I even made a guess! I'm guessing that you will squeak into the month of July and be a little bit bigger than your brother...but that's just my guess!

I'm on my new diet now. It's just a diet where I watch the amount of carbs and sugars I eat. Not so much sugars like candy...I don't eat that at all...but more the sugars that are in carbs. It's not exactly my cup of tea, but I will do it for your sake. Besides, it keeps your mommy from gaining very much weight! LOL!

I have another doctor's appointment this week. I'm guessing they will do another ultrasound to see how you are growing. I do enjoy seeing you in there. I sure can feel you! You like to turn over and aren't really a kicker like your brother was, but that's okay by me!

Well my darling, I hope you keep on growing and staying healthy. You are allowed to stay in there for no less than 8 more it?? LOL!

I love you now and forever!

May 16, 2010

28 weeks 5 days

Dear Baby Justin,

It's hard to believe, but we are officially in our THIRD TRIMESTER! From here on out, it's just a matter of me getting ready for your arrival! It is going to go by pretty fast I'm sure and before I know it, I'll be picking your Mum-Mum up at the airport again!

Mommy just got back this past week from visiting your Papa and Mum-Mum out on the west coast with your brother. We had a great time and found all sorts of adorable things for you to wear when you come. We also made mommy a ringsling to use and it's SUPER pretty in a gorgeous blue Sari fabric. I can't wait to try you out in it!

Here is our photo for the month:

I think I've finally caught up bellywise with the amount of weeks I am! I don't get nearly the "oh wow, you are so huge!" comments anymore! LOL! But mommy does swell up in the humidity. Thankfully it's been a mix of sun and rain so I don't have to be swollen EVERY day.

Mommy decided that we are going to make all your baby food. With your brother, we made a little and used organic jars...but this time around, I'm going to just let you have the delicious tasty veggies and fruit as I make them! It will be so much healthier for you!

It's about time to buy our first pack of diapers for you. They always look so small when they are the newborn or size 1...but your little bunsies will grow fast, I'm sure.

Well, my love that's it for this week. Keep growing and staying healthy for me!

All my love forever and always,

April 25, 2010

25 weeks 5 days

Evening, my baby love!

Mommy hasn't had anything too exciting going on this week. But she is excited because it's her last week of school with just finals to get through. Then NO MORE HOMEWORK! Woot! Woot!

I'm going to be very busy this week as not only do I have the finals, but I kind of have to study for them too...and then I have an appointment with a nutritionist about setting up my new diet and have my chiropractor appointment on Friday and not only this, but I also have to get ready for our trip back to visit my family back in WA! I'm very excited about heading out on vacation!!

As for the diet doctor told me that even though I passed the 3 hour fasting glucose test, I didn't pass it with more then 2 my doctor wants me to go onto the gestational diabetes diet just to make sure that we are okay in the long run. It's really not going to be that bad as unlike some mommy's YOUR mommy isn't a chocolate or sugar addict. So cutting that down won't be very hard. Your mommy already loves fruits, vegetables and whole grains...she is just going to have to eat more of them!

You are moving all the time, so I know that you are doing great in there...sorry there isn't much room, but it's going to get much worse, little Justin! LOL! You are all elbows and knees right now and I'm getting quite lumpy at times when I look down! Your brother is still worried about mommy's belly button, but I told him it will be okay.

Well my dear, I need to go open some more windows to let in this freshly washed air smell into the house!

I love you now and forever!

April 18, 2010

24 weeks 5 days

Dear Justin,

Yes my baby boy, you officially have a name now! We have decided that Justin Walter will fit you perfectly. I love that it means "Righteous Ruler" as that just sounds very manly and bold! Your papa is just tickled to death that you will have his name as your middle name, so don't be suprised if he calls you "Little Wally" now and then. (giggle)

We are 6 months along now, love! Only 3 more months to go until we get to make your acquaintance! It's getting to be quite exciting to think that we are finally getting that close to your arrival!

In two weeks your brother and I will be heading back to WA to visit your mommy's family for 1 1/2 weeks. That is going to very fun to see everyone and I know your mum-mum and papa are dying to feel you give them some swift kicks! LOL! I don't know how mommy is going to do on the flight as lately sitting down for any extended period of time really makes mommy's back hurt...but I'm going to the chiropractor this week to hopefully get back into alignment.

Your little brother was funny this weekend. He just doesn't get the idea that you won't be able to play with him right off the bat. I still think he's imagining that you will be arriving ready to play with him! He was dumbfounded that you wouldn't even be able to walk! He had to verify that you would indeed have feet...(giggle) He's so funny and he's going to be the best big brother to you!

Here is our pic for the week:

We are coming along quite nicely!

I pray that you keep on growing strong and healthy and safe inside my tummy!

Forever and always,

April 11, 2010

23 weeks 5 days

Good morning, baby luv!

It's hard to believe but you and I will hit 6 months on Tuesday. I finally feel like we are starting to come into the home stretch! There is still a lot to do before your arrival, but I think it's really going to start speeding up once school is over. I am eager to hold you in my arms, but please stay nice and safe in my tummy until we hit at least 38 weeks...but please don't get TOO comfortable, as I'd like you out by the time we hit 40, okay? Can you do that for mommy?

You are still nameless. But we are looking in baby name books now and trying out different things. The way we see it, as long as we have a name for you by the time you arrive, we will be fine! LOL!
This week is our very cool ultrasound. Mommy's doctor does a 4D ultrasound to check out bones and facial structure. I am itching to get a better idea about what you look like--but mostly to see if you have any HAIR! LOL! Your brother was bald and I'm dying to know if you will be too! I don't know what we'd think if you came out with a full head of hair! It would definitely be a change! But bald babies are so adorable too! ;)

I love feeling your movements. You wiggle and kick much more often now, but I'm sure that's because you are about 12" now. That's awfully long to be confined into a small space!

I'm getting eager to go visit your mum-mum and papa as well as your grammy and grandpa. Only about 3 more weeks, I think! That's really not that far away! Of course that also means mommy has to finish school with a bunch of finals, but that is just the way things go! At least I know I'll be on a plane just a few days after I take those tests! Your brother is itching to get on an airplane again. He's a good flyer and enjoys looking out the window at everything. You will fly too someday. Probably next summer.

Well, mommy needs to go do some things so she can get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather! I must say you sure have a gorgeous place to live once you arrive! There isn't anything much more beautiful than Kentucky in the Spring and Summer!

All my love to you dear little boy!

I love you always and forever!

April 4, 2010

22 Weeks 5 Days

Well, my lovely little boy, we are at 5 1/2 months! We are heading down the weeks getting closer and closer to your arrival! I must say that it IS getting quite exciting to think about your arrival. Especially when I see babies or picture of cute little babies!

You are still as yet, nameless as your daddy and I are still trying to figure out the perfect name. And contrary to what your PAPA thinks, "Buckie" is just not going to work for me. Sorry. LOL!

I'm getting into the home stretch of finishing my semester's classes and then I will be taking a break until NEXT Spring, as the Fall semester starts 1 1/2 weeks after your estimated due date. That's just not going to work for mommy! LOL! But that's okay as the break will give us time to get some really nice mommy, baby and brother bonding!

Speaking of brothers, your big brother Seth has been asking me if you will know he's your brother. I tell him that you will...for it's true. Within just a few days, you will recognise him as belonging to you. So I tell him to keep on talking to you in my tummy so you will know his voice. He LOVES giving you zerberts (aka raspberries) and worries about my belly button...LOL!

Here is our pic for this week:

You are growing quite nicely and mommy LOVES feeling you kick and stretch and move! It's just the thing to make her smile, so keep on doing it, luv!

On the 14th we are having a special 4D ultrasound for the doctor to check out your facial bones and I'm pretty excited. You can see soooo much from those pics and I'm dying to see if you have hair or not. Your brother was bald as a cue ball...he was adorable, but bald. I would love it if you had hair! LOL!

Well, I need to go now...

Remember that your mommy loves you and prays for you every day!

Always and forever,

March 28, 2010

21 weeks 5 days

Hello my baby luv!

I hope that you are growing strong and healthy. Your mommy is doing her best to give you all kinds of good stuff to make you healthy! She's starting to be more hungry, but that is a good thing because it means YOU are getting more hungry! So far, your mommy has been very very lucky with just a 6lb 6oz weight gain. I really hope I can try to keep it under 25 this time around. With your brother your mommy put on a whopping 45 extra pounds! Too much! LOL!

We are still debating on your name. We aren't in any hurry so we are trying out different names on you for size. So far we've moved away from Sean and headed towards Elijah...but would call you Eli. But we aren't definite on that yet, so don't hold your mommy to it.

Your big brother is getting more and more excited about your arrival and we talk about you all the time. He gives you raspberry's on my belly and loves to hear about you moving. He likes to feel you too. He's going to be the best big brother you ever saw!

It's a Holy Day week for us. We have Passover tonight, then a very big dinner for Night to Be Observed tomorrow night. So your mommy is awfully busy deleavening the house of all the crumbs, and other leavened ingredients. It's a bit harder to bend and climb, but I'm managing! LOL!

I am seriously loving all the green/brown baby things I'm seeing in the stores right now. Most of it has monkeys and it is just soooo cute! I might splurge and buy you a couple things...I know we need summer clothing as your brother was born in the winter. So we have a lot of winter things, but hardly any summer fall things for 0-3 months or 3-6 months. Oh well, I'm sure your mum-mum will help us out there! LOL! She loves buying baby things!

There is an idea being shared that I'm not going to carry you all the way to August. But since you are due just August 3rd, it wouldn't take you being very early to be in July. In fact, if you want so desire, feel FREE to come the last week of July! (Hint Hint!)

Well, it's time to eat really quick before heading back into cleaning out the refridgerator and the rest of the kitchen from the leavening...

I love you always and forever!

March 21, 2010

20 Weeks 5 Days

Dear Little Boy Blue,

Well, my luv,we are halfway through! If I remember right, the last half seems to go much faster than the first half! And since your mommy is going to be busy with the upcoming HOly Days, and finishing her semester in school AND getting ready for our trip out west, it WILL go by fairly quickly!

You seem to be moving a bit more often these days, but that is probably because you are growing so fast and so well. There really isn't much room in there for you to move around is there? I love feeling your little jabs, moves and stretches! It makes me smile!

Here is our picture for this week:

I really don't see much change from 18 weeks, but everyone keeps telling me that I'm getting quite large. And then they ask if I'm sure about my due date! LOL! Yes, I'm sure. I'm just going to be VERY large. Between you and I, little prince, you can come a week early if you so desire! LOL! But not too early, as it isn't good for you to rush things and your Mum-Mum might not be here yet! Your mommy needs Mum-Mum here to help her!

Well my love, it's time for your mommy to get cracking on her busy schedule today. Lots to do this week. Lots of VERY important things to do this week.

Keep growing strong and healthy and know that I love you always and forever!


March 10, 2010

The Big Reveal!

Dear Baby Eggplant...

Today was the big day for us! We got to see you again and find out if you were a little boy or a little girl! The majority of people felt like you were going to be a girl and I felt like you were going to be a it was going to be fun learning who was right this time! Your Mum-Mum, big brother and I had lunch and headed to my doctor. It was packed, but I got in pretty quickly. I had gained 3 lbs in 2 weeks (oh dear!) but my doc was happy about that as that makes my grand total at 6 lbs thus far. So you aren't making me TOO chubby...yet...besides, I totally forgive you anyways!

The ultrasound was fun with your brother Seth. He kept asking all kinds of questions...So then came the big moment...they turned on the machine and BAM there were your private parts front and center! I just laughed and sighed, but didn't say anything. I KNEW they were there and you were my little prince. The nurse didn't go back to find your gender again until after measuring your head, tummy, ect...but when she did, there they were again. She held the u/s thingy over them and asked "so you want to know the gender?" Um...if your mommy didn't it would be too late as ANYONE could tell just by looking at the screen! LOL! Anyways, she showed them, snapped a pic and then told Seth "Well, it looks like you are going to have a little brother!" And what did your brother do?? He just crossed his arms, smiled really big in a smirklike grin and nodded...he said "yep." He totally had this "duh! I told you so!" expression on his face. Needless to say, he's VERY proud to be right about you!

We called your daddy, your Papa, your Grammy and texted a bunch of people...everyone was so happy! Then your Mum-Mum and I went to the mall!

So there you go...I admit that a part of me really wanted a girl, but since I've been feeling like you were a boy from the beginning on this pregnancy, I'm pleased as punch that my intuition has been correct! See, your mommy KNEW you were her little prince!

They told mommy that you were about 11 oz and that all your measurements looked perfect! Your heartbeat was a nice, loud and strong 154 bpm...and you little let us see you were a boy, but you never looked at me! I wanted to see your sweet little face, but you were just chilling out lying around on your back and side...oh well...maybe next time!

I love you always and forever, baby boy!

March 7, 2010

18 Weeks 5 Days

Morning little Eggplant!

This is a big week for us! We finally get to learn if you are a little prince or princess!! I like to look at the poll at the right of my blog to see people's predictions. Thus far, it's about 50/50! LOL! Well, I guess that is always the odds, right? We will find out on Wednesday afternoon, so it's very exciting and we can't wait to start figuring out details like...oh...your name! LOL!

Your brother Seth will be going with us and I'm curious to see how he will react to actually seeing you on the screen! And then what he would do if he found out you are going to be his little sister! He keeps telling EVERYONE that mommy is having a HE baby. I had a ton of people at church ask me if I was having a boy! LOL! Turned out they had all talked to Seth! (giggle)

We are having so much fun with your Mum-Mum here this week! She is giving you a lot of pats and loves, little one! And just wait until your Papa gets here! He's planning on patting AND talking to you to make sure you know his voice! Oh, the love you are being born into! What a family you are so blessed to be a part of!

Well, here is our picture for this week:

You are definitely growing! And boy, you sure do move around a lot! Not much kicking, just a lot of wiggling! Up and down, side to side. You are just trying to get comfortable I'm sure! But it is very funny to watch!

Well, we are almost 1/2 way there! 19 weeks this week and then the halfway mark next week! It will be time for your arrival before we know it and it will be so exciting to get to hold you in my arms!

I love you forever and always!

February 28, 2010

17 weeks 5 days

Good morning little Eggplant!

Mum-mum and I were trying to think what veggie or fruit you were size wise and decided an eggplant sounded about right! LOL!

You are DEFINITELY growing as I can feel so much more now. In fact, you tend to make me pause at times as you stretch and make my tummy pull in places. I know there isn't much room for you in there, but sometimes it does hurt your mommy! But that's okay. Keep on stretching and growing, love!

It's getting closer and closer to finding out if you are going to be a little prince or a princess! Just 1 1/2 weeks! So close and so exciting! We are REALLY getting excited! It will just be nice to call you by a name or even just a definite "he" or "she"! I think your mum-mum is really going to enjoy seeing you on that ultrasound screen! LOL!

Well, it had to happen eventually and it's happening now. Mommy is starting to be hungry ALL THE TIME! I know this is really a good thing as it means mommy needs to start adding some calories (sob!) to give you more energy to grow...but it also means mommy is going to start gaining some weight. Boo!!! LOL! But it comes with the territory! Mommy just has to watch what she eats to make sure it's the RIGHT stuff...probably not a good idea to keep eating the cinnamon rolls she's been consuming here lately. Very tasty, but not very healthy!

For the record, I admit that I'm still feeling boy for you I'm curious to see if you've just been fooling me, or if mommy's intuition is right!

I love you forever and always!

February 21, 2010

16 weeks 5 days

Well my are no longer my little Limey! You have grown to avocado proportions! So for now, I have dubbed you my Little Avocado! Hmm, if I knew you were a girl, I'd call you Little Ava! LOL!

Mommy isn't feeling so hot today. I think I've caught the cold that your brother has had. But hopefully between water, hot tea and good vitamins, Mommy can stop it in it's tracks!

I have been enjoying feeling your movements, my dearest. Some days you are busier than others and there are times I wish I could feel you move all the time. But I know that as you get bigger, I might regret that wish! LOL! I noticed again today that when I take a shower, you move to the top of my belly and I think you like hearing the water when it hits my belly.

Here is our new belly picture:

Compared to two weeks ago, I do believe you are making mommy poke out quite a bit, luv! I was told yesterday that I already looked like I had half a watermelon! do I respond to that? LOL! Sigh. I know, I know. Women tend to have BIG BELLIES in our family when reaching that last trimester. Your brother gave me a watermelon and I'm sure you will too! But that's comes with the territory!

Mommy has a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I'm itching to hear your heartbeat again. I'm NOT itching to get on the scale. Sigh. But they always like to torture us pregnant women like that...

Your mum-mum will be coming next week! Your mommy is going to be very happy to see her! And then your papa will be visiting too and we will be having such a good time together! Maybe you will be kicking harder by then and they will be able to feel you...that would be delightful! The best thing about them coming, though, is that the day Papa flies out here is the day mum-mum and I will learn whether you are a little boy or a girl! I can't wait to see you again on that ultrasound! We are going to take a video tape so we can record you moving around like we did with your brother...that is always so much fun to watch!

Well, lovie, I need to go now.

Remember that I will love you always and forever! You are our little blessing from God and we thank Him EVERY DAY for your existence!

February 14, 2010

15 weeks 5 days

Dear Little Lime,

Well, my darling...we are coming up on 4 months. Looking at my ticker I realise we are getting very close to the halfway mark! Isn't that so exciting?? It sure is for me, even if the first week of August seems like AGES away...

I want to thank you for completely eliminating my anxiety. Feeling you move sooo much this week, just brings joy to my heart because I KNOW that you are there. You flip and flutter and it gives me such a thrill. This is one of my most favorite things about pregnancy. Feeling all those movements inside.

It appears that you adore chocolate milk. On Friday morning, I drank a glass of it before we went to the farm show and then 15 minutes later you were flipping and kicking. Doing summersaults I believe! Everyone tells me that you MUST be a girl since women love chocolate so much! LOL! I don't know though...your daddy and brother love chocolate even more then I do! LOL! But I would rather believe that you are just a chocolate lovin' little girl!

Only a few more weeks until my gender ultrasound. It will be so exciting to know if you are a little boy or a little girl! Once we know, we can start buckling down on names and just getting everything ready for your appearance. It's so exciting to think of having a baby in the house again.

Well, my Little Lime...keep on growing strong. Feel free to move around and kick as much as you like! Your mommy loves it!

I love you forever,