February 25, 2019

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: Christian Fiction for Kids~Part 2 {Book Review}

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls {Book Review}
"So where is book 5?"
These were the first words out of my youngest son's mouth after finishing book 4 in the children's chapter book series from WorthyKids, an imprint of Hachette Book Group called The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls. I am always on the lookout for quality books that aren't filled with smut. This is especially true when it comes to book selections for my boys. So much of the children's literature available--especially for chapter books--is filled to the brim with smut and political agendas. And that's not coming into our house! Thankfully there ARE other options out there.

In 2017, we were able to review the first two books of The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series, and I was thrilled that we got the chance THIS year to review the next two books in the series The Great Escape (Book #3) and Journey to Jericho (Book #4). My youngest son decided he wanted to be the one to read them this year--and we are happy to now share our review of the next part of the series!

About The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Book Series

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls book series is published by WorthyKids, an imprint of Hachette Book Group. This book series is geared for ages 6-9 and is biblical fiction. The series revolves

February 24, 2019

Upcoming Reviews for March/April 2019: What Are We Working On?

It's the end of the month, which means it's time to share what we've got in house as current reviews for the upcoming months! The month of February started it out with a bang--three reviews we loved (Secret of the Hidden Scrolls, IXL Learning, For the Temple)!

Will March and April carry that momentum forward? Let's see what we've got on deck and when you can expect to see the reviews go LIVE!


1. Unit Study: SpidersHomeschool Complete
Homeschool Complete is a new company to the review crew and our crew is reviewing a great sample of all they have to of

February 21, 2019

IXL Learning~ An Online Resource for Practicing K-12 Skills {Product Review}

IXL Learning {Product Review}
We first used IXL Learning several years ago. When we had the chance to review the annual membership to IXL again, I was curious to see how the program had changed and if we would like it. Both the boys enjoy online learning opportunities, so I hoped that this would be something we could incorporate into our routine. 

About the Product

IXL Learning is a comprehensive online resource for grades K-12 to use as a supplemental program to check on skills in Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Spanish. While not a complete curriculum, it can be used as a practice or review resource to see how your children are doing in different areas within these subjects at their grade level.

February 19, 2019

Adventures in Crochet: My Pretty Pink Sorbet Tee Top

Pretty Pink Crochet Sorbet Tee TopStop the presses! I not only just finished another actual crochet GARMENT, but I actually like it! Okay, I LOVE it! So today this post will be short. It will simply be me showing you the finished pictures of my Pretty Pink Sorbet Tee Top and chatting about how the construction of it went! So if you are a fan of crochet, or are just curious to see how the top looks--keep on reading!

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Pattern: Peach Sorbet Tee Top from Expression Fiber Arts
Yarn: Cotton Fair "Pink Pop" by Premier Yarns (3 skeins)
Hook: F (3.75)

I snagged this top for free in one of the free pattern Fridays that Expression Fiber Arts offers in their newsletter. I looked at the design and thought it would be something I could see myself actually wearing. I am so glad I snagged it! The design is very very simple--two pieces. You make identical pieces for the front and the back, and then simply seam them together. It can't get much easier than that.

February 13, 2019

Join Us in Ancient Rome in FOR THE TEMPLE from Heirloom Audio {Product Review}

Whenever there is a chance to review one of the amazing audiodramas from Heirloom Audio, I always beg like the child hopping up and down HOPING the teacher will notice and pick him. Our family LOVES these amazing audiodramas and we all were excited to be able to listen to the latest installment For the Temple!

About the Product

For the Temple the latest installment in the Heirloom Audio collection of award winning audiodramas. This 2 CD audiodrama, based on the book by G. A. Henty of the same name, focuses on the days and events leading up to the final destruction of the temple in Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 AD. The story follow both Romans and Jews during this time period and incorporates many

February 10, 2019

Mom of a Teenager...oy!

Just an announcement that I'm officially the mom of a teenager.
How did that happen?
How did 13 years just go by in a blink?!
Where is my little precious smiley bald toddler?
Who replaced him with this big half grown puppy caught between childhood and adulthood?
Oh, what kind of adventures I imagine we're getting ready to have...



Becomming a man.

Oh my. Yes, the adventures are going to be fun (and a bit scary). I'm so glad that I get to experience them with you, my darling boy!
ps. I'm so sorry you got sick on your birthday! I promise to make it up to you next week!


February 3, 2019

Upcoming Reviews for February/March 2019: What Are We Working On?

Review season is in the air again here on the farm. That's right, this month kicks of the 2019 Schoolhouse Review Crew year! I'm excited about what this year might bring my way and we've already gotten FIVE products in house to work on--with a couple more getting ready to be sent out. Like last year, I'm going to try to do an end of the month post to talk about what reviews are coming up the next months. This is because I typically have products to review for a 6-8 week time period. I also do it, so you know what to be watching for! February and March have a mixed bag of review products...from books to Unit Studies! So let's see what we're working on!