October 11, 2011

Vacation School

We are having a lovely time here and we only just arrived yesterday! Today we did work in some school before "playing". It was fun to use shells from the beach as math manipulatives and for review of our "big-bigger-biggest", "small-smaller-smallest", ect concepts.

I only brought workbooks, handwriting paper and a McGuffey reader with us, but it is working out just lovely! He enjoys "reading" his papers to his grandparents who are staying here with us at our rented beachhouse--and they naturally applaud his new skills with gusto! We will use the beach itself tomorrow to practice handwriting--gotta love writing with sticks in the sand!

Because of the reason we are here (worshiping the Feast of Tabernacles) I also have him learning Revelation 21:4 for the week. One of my ABSOLUTE favorite scriptures and very appropriate for what this holy week pictures.

I can't wait to upload some pictures, but I will probably do that sometime this weekend when we have time...tomorrow is the opening night of our week and I start getting really busy since I'm one of 2 pianists for this week as I accompany the festival choir and the hymns for our daily worship service. But I love playing the piano so it's all good!

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Peterson Party said...

Fun! Where did you guys go for the Feast? We were in St. Pete - we seem to make it to the beach most every year for the Feast :)
Seems like I have been on your blog before, but just found it again through the Good Morning Girls homeschool mom group. Looking forward to getting to know you more :)