December 17, 2011

MFW-Hightlights: Ww Water

We did our unit on Ww Water the week after Thanksgiving. We enjoyed doing some fun water activities along with learning about the wild and wacky letter W!
Some W cut n paste sheets from

And some fun Water Themed science experiments--focusing on water as a liquid, gas and solid!

like testing the density of hot water (dark blue) versus cold water (light blue)...
mimicking what underwater volcanos look like...

Lifting ice with thread...
learning why they put salt on the roads during the winter.

As always, Little Britches fills out his science observation sheets before and after each experiment...

And then we also poured water into various shaped containers to show that it can take on any shape as a liquid--and then did the same thing with a penny to show that pennies keep their shapes.

The we worked more on ordinal numbers...
(worksheet from

We have been working hard on our sight words, so I decided to introduce a "spelling test"...I was tickled pink at the results!

We wrote our sight words onto craft sticks and put them in our jar to use for creative writing and then we started working on our new ones...I'll be posting a picture of our sight word snowman in a later post.

Nothing too highly exciting, but a lot was accomplished and we had some great science fun this week!


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Carisa said...

this is just too awesome! i really can't wait to get our MFW stuff for next year!!! :D Thanks for sharing your journey.