March 22, 2012

Life Cycles Part 2: Ff Frog

It's the Fabulous, Fascinating, Fantastic letter F this week as we continue in our learning about Life Cycles with Ff-Frogs!

We came up with quite a collection of F words...and yes, he eagerly shouted "Fart!" to add to the list...and then giggled every time we read our words and that one was said. Sigh. Boys.

Here is what we did over the course of our unit...

Here is what we did for learning about Ff- FROGS:
We put together a quite extensive lapbook (see link below)--and Little Britches claims to be a frog expert now. He likes to *share* his new knowledge with anyone who will listen! LOL!

We also celebrated National Pencil Sharpening Day playing a fun little graphing game...
We also watched many videos about various frogs on were our favorites:
We also went HERE to listen to different kinds of frogs...very cool! Little Britches favorite was the Coqui frog--"he sounds like he is saying Cookie!"

It was a fun unit and we ended it by using the John Deere Gator to go up the field and see the pond where there are HUNDREDS of frogs and we listened to them all and even spotted a few!
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Linky List
* Frog Lapbook~
* Ff packet~ Raising Rockstars Kindergarten by Carisa at 1+1+1=1

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