August 13, 2012

Our School Space~ (Not) Back to School Blog Hop 2012

Homeschool Classrooms
I've been very blessed to have a nice school space for our work. It's not exactly what I want since we have to share the space with our office and my craft desk, but it works great for now!
 We have a great bulletin board for our daily calendar work. My husband snagged it out of a school that his work was demolishing. The calendar and days of the week came from the $1 bins at Target. I printed off the calendar numbers--have a different set for each month. I have sets for every month of the year. There is a clock for our daily time and the blue folder like thing at the bottom is one of the Dry Erase pockets I found in the $1 bin at Target the last time I went. It has any daily worksheets in it.
 This is on the back of the closet door in the room. I used an old over the door rack I wasn't using anymore. I have all our flash cards and laminated printed pages hanging from it. It so so much easier to keep track of all our flashcards since I hole punched them and put them on rings! The rings I used here were my "brilliant" idea I mentioned in this post. LOL!
 My pride and joy of the classroom is this full size white board! Yes, it IS FULL SIZED! My husband snagged this too from the school they were demolishing and was quite proud of this find! You can see it even has the World and US maps to go on it too! Talk about fantastic for world events and geography! I love that these boards are magnetic too, so I laminate and then add magnets to the back of things like posters and put them on the board.
 Our desks for the boys...another find from that school! We have a third desk out in the barn...just in case. (wink). These face the white board...the boys love their desks. Baby Britches has much better behavior since we moved in his desk.
(ETA: Now that we are heading into our first year of "official" pre-school he is eager to have "real school" at his desk!)
 Inside the closet I have a plastic drawer set with my craft supplies, and other supplies. Not necessarily neat and tidy, but hey, that's why I keep the door shut! LOL!

(ETA: Since I took this picture I HAVE rearranged some things so it's not as messy...notice I said "not AS"...LOL. I still keep the door closed!)
 My nice big cabinet. Love this thing. I keep our curriculum paperwork, art supplies, files, soooooo much in this! And then I use the side of it for sight words. I laminated 3 x 5 cards and added magnets to the back. So when we have new words we can write them and keep them in sight...then once it's been learned, wipe it off and add a new one.
 Here is our music room! LOL! We have piano lessons for Little Britches on Monday's...
And here is our other classroom...110 acres of a God created school for exploration!

At some point we are going to build onto our house and the new room will be bigger then this one and will be almost entirely used for our classroom. Sigh. I can't wait! I will actually have bookshelves in my classroom then! Now I have to keep all our reading books either in the cabinet or out in the living room on the beautiful bookshelves my husband made me.

But I'm very very grateful for the space we have now and the blessings of the school furniture we have. Having a school like setting really works for our family, but we do regularly move to the big kitchen table AND like to go outside for class too!

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