June 14, 2015

Fresh from the Kitchen: Lemonade (A Kid Made, Kid Approved Recipe)

Summer means hot weather. Hot weather means cool and refreshing drinks. Cool and refreshing drinks to me mean...FRESH MADE LEMONADE!! I adore lemonade during the summer, don't you? I am tickled to share a guest post today from a JUNIOR blogger, Miss L! Miss L's mom blogs over at At Home: where life happens, (one of my frequent blogs to read) and I was happy to have her daughter guest post with her favorite homemade summer yum, lemonade recipe today!
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Lemonade is a fun, easy drink to make, and a lot of the ingredients are either easy to find at the store, or you already have at home. It's easy to make, and I usually only take about five minutes to make it. It's really tasty, too. I prefer no ice in mine, but to some people it's better with. Either way, lemonade is great!

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To make your lemonade:

1. Gather your ingredients. You will need a two cup measuring cup, a pitcher, water, sugar, a spoon, and lemon juice.

2. I usually put all the liquid stuff in first, but you can do it either way. Put in two cups of water and about half a cup of lemon juice.

3. Put in the sugar. I do about one cup but this part really depends on how sweet or sour you like your lemonade.

4. Mix it up real good, until you can't feel the spoon grinding the sugar.

5. Pour into glasses and enjoy! This recipe makes about four servings of lemonade. At this stage, you can add a little extra lemon juice if you want to. This makes it a little bit more sour.

I hope you enjoyed!

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This recipe and how-to was written by the middle of the three giggly girls from their mom's blog At Home: where life happens. She is 9 years old and loves to dance, read, and be creative in a lot of different ways. You might find her writing poetry, creating doll sized items for her "girls", skating, scootering, or playing with her sisters. At any rate, lemonade is her favorite drink and she hopes you like it as much as she does.
Doesn't that look so refreshing? Her recipe is so simple, I bet your own children will enjoy making it! My boys love tossing in berries and smashing them in their glasses for an extra treat. We also pour our lemonade into our Popsicle holders for a frozen treat. However you make it, it will be a great summer treat!
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