November 6, 2016

15 Gifts for the Doctor Who Fan {2016 Gift Guide Series}

Hello Sweetie! Do you have a Doctor Who fan in your life? Someone who would love to run away in a big blue box and travel through time and space if they had a chance? If so, then I'm sure you will appreciate this next installment in my 2016 Gift Guide Series--15 Fantastic (hehe) Gifts for the Doctor Who Fan!
15 Gift Ideas for the Doctor Who Fan
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I will be honest. I truly wouldn't mind snagging a few of these for myself. I think they are all fun, and speaking on behalf of the Whovians in your life--they will bring a definite smile to a Doctor Who fan's face!

1. Let's start at the beginning. No seriously. Give the gift of the start of it all! Get the Whovian of your life, some Classic Doctor Who DVD's! You can find so many of the early black and white editions of the very first season--even available on Amazon video streaming. They will thank you as you help them start back with the First Doctor who set the foundation for a cult classic!

2. Subtle, but oh so cool--Shine some light in their night, with a Doctor Who Themed Nightlight! I love this Tardis nightlight, but there is also a Weeping Angel (which my husband says would creep him out), and a Dalek to pick from!

3. Got a Whovian who is also a LEGO fan? Oh yeah. You KNOW they will love the new Doctor Who Building Kit! I mean, my boys are really wanting me to get us a set as well! The set includes 4 mini-figures with assorted accessory elements: the Eleventh Doctor, the Twelfth Doctor, Clara Oswald and a Weeping Angel, plus 2 Daleks! I know that your LEGO loving Whovian will have a blast putting this together as soon as they receive it!

4. A Sonic Screwdriver Pen. When we were down in Florida a couple weeks ago, we were invited to a friends condo for dinner. Her son happened to have a sonic screwdriver pen in hand (he'd just gotten it) and was surprised when I said "Love your screwdriver!". He gaped at me and said "You actually know what this is??!" His mom laughed. So then he proceeded to tell me about how marvelous it was, and how it was so cool to write I am absolutely recommending this as a gift for your Whovian! And you can make them even happier if you get them the screwdriver to match their favorite Doctor! Here is the Tenth Doctor's Screwdriver, or the Eleventh Doctor's Screwdriver. Actually, I just like a lot of the Doctor Who themed pens in general.

5. Doctor Who Mugs. There are so many really cool Doctor Who mugs. This Figural Tardis mug is my favorite, but there is a Disappearing Tardis Mug that reacts with heat, a creepy Weeping Angel Mug that has the angel disappear with heat, a Keep Calm I'm the Doctor mug, or for fun a Dalek Caffeniate Coffee Bucks Mug. And don't even get me started on the incredibly awesome Doctor Who TRAVEL Mugs! Oh and don't tell me that this Tardis Teapot isn't the cutest thing ever!

6. Make them smile with a Doctor Who Scarf! Let them give a silent homage to their favorite Fourth Doctor with the iconic Doctor Who Fourth Doctor striped scarf. You could always go with a more generic Tardis Blue Scarf, or for a more feminine look, the Doctor Who Seventh Doctor Lightweight Paisley Scarf. And I am loving this Tardis Exploding Pandorica Opens Scarf. The colors are just gorgeous!

7. Make it fit them like a Tee(shirt)! There are so many Doctor Who T-shirts out there--some very subtle, some funny, and I really love the ones that do a mix of fandoms--like this one that is a Peanuts Doctor Who, or this Doctor Who Alice in Wonderland. When I was at Hot Topic I fell in love with a tshirt that was just like this Doctor Who Quote Tank Top...I'm kicking myself now that I didn't get it, as I can't find it anywhere! This shirt here was on sale, but sadly they didn't have my size. Sigh.

8. Doctor Who Socks. There are SOOOOOO many super cute socks out there that pay tribute to the Doctor Who fandom. You really can't go wrong. It's the perfect gift for the Whovian who might like to "hide" that part of themselves. LOL. Seriously though. Doctor Who socks are fantastic! Another thing that I chose NOT to get and wish I had. Sigh. 

9. Did you know they have Doctor Who Themed games? Of COURSE they do! You can get Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit, Doctor Who Yatzee, Doctor Who Monopoloy, Doctor Who Clue, Doctor Who Tumbling Tower Game (aka Doctor Who Jenga), and a FREE Doctor Who Legacy game for your favorite device (I have this game and LOVE LOVE LOVE it and play it all the time).

10. The adult coloring fad hasn't left Doctor Who out! Got a friend or family member who loves adult coloring books AND Doctor Who? If so, make sure you snag a copy of Doctor Who Coloring Book and Doctor Who Travels in Time Coloring Book. Grab them a set of nice coloring pencils to go with it and they will be set!

11. Does your Whovian love things for their kitchen? You could make his or her day with things like this Doctor Who cookbook, Doctor Who Silicone Ice Cube Trays (Daleks and Tardis Ice Cubes!!!), Doctor Who Plate Set, this Hello Sweetie Cutting Board (LOVE IT!),  Doctor Who Tardis Apron, or maybe a Dalek Bottle Opener! Any of these would be sure to bring a smile I'm sure. 

12. Doctor Who Footware will give them something to stand up and cheer for! There are Doctor Who Slip Ons, Doctor Who Canvas Shoes. Doctor Who Adult Moccasin Slippers. Doctor Who High Top Police Box Shoes. Doctor Who Loafers. So many fun pair of shoes to look at. And I just love the super colorful ones. I'm sure you could smile if you had a pair of those on your feet!

13. Who doesn't like a new tote bag? There are some simply delightful options if you are wanting to get your Whovian a bag--whether a tote, backpack, satchel, or purse! My personal favorite is this beautiful Doctor Who Van Gogh Starry Night Messenger Bag. The colors are just gorgeous! Go shopping Doctor Who Style with this Trust Me I'm the Doctor bag! Want something less colorful? How about this Splashed Police Box Tardis Doctor Who Messenger Bag? The black and white keeps it more subtle, but ever so snazzy! What about this Doctor Who Mini Satchel? Seriously cute. Here is a smaller Tardis Backpack--wouldn't that be fun to wear to school? Here is a Doctor Who Shouler Purse/Tote that I would totally carry! I love the unique design and it's just the right size! How about a fun Tardis Pen/Pencil/Makeup Case? I've only scratched the surface of the amazing Doctor Who bags out there--so I'm sure you could find your Whovian just the right one for them! 

14. Give them sweet dreams of travelling through space and time with the Doctor, as they wrap themselves up in these Doctor Who themed bedding items! There are some warm fuzzy afghans, Doctor Who sheet sets, pillow of your favorite Doctor, fun pillow covers, and more!

15. And last but none the least, let's not forget Doctor Who inspired jewelry. From the more casual Tardis pendants, to the charming charm bracelets, to the darling dangling earrings. I love this Doctor Who Van Gogh Crescent moon pendant, don't you?

There are so many delightful things out there for you to snag for your Whovian--And I only scratched the surface! There is also a great store called Hot Topic that carries some FABULOUS Doctor Who clothing. One of my friends scored the most awesome Tardis jacket and there are some darling dresses and other paraphernalia for the more classy present.

I hope are enjoying my gift guide series. I just wanted to give you a jump start on thinking of things that would be good gifts for the loved ones in your life. I have put together another list--this time of my favorite kitchen gadgets that I will be sharing next week--kitchen gadgets are my special weakness, you know! LOL.

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