November 3, 2017

Adventures in Crochet...revisiting a hobby

Adventures in Crochet
When I was a little girl, my paternal grandma taught me how to do my first crochet chain stitch. I don't remember her teaching me more than that...maybe she did. As I got older, I have admired the way that friends could turn a skein of yarn into a gorgeous sweater or scarf. Others created handmade toys and stuffed animals. Every now and then I decided to pick back up my crochet hook and give it another go. So I would learn another stitch and another pattern. Then I would get busy and away would go the yarn and the needles. Fortunately, it was always like riding a bike. As soon as I pulled it out, I would remember everything I had learned.

Last year I pulled my crochet stuff out and started it up once again. I found a new pattern I loved (a ponytail stocking cap--allows me to wear my hair out, yet keep my head covered) and quickly whipped some up. Then more when friends and family asked for some themselves. I enjoyed exploring the yarn section at Hobby Lobby and Pat Catans. A little too much. Yarn quickly became my new "obsession". LOL. When I was done with the hats and headbands, I tried a girl's dress. It came together rather quickly! And so I discovered I had a good hand for crochet. I could do it fairly quickly and could dissect about any pattern for the more intricate stitches (I have enjoyed the book Simply Sweet Crochet). And I made some money doing it too!
Messy Bun Hat--for those who like to wear ponytails even in the cold

the headband/headwarer

This time I didn't put away the crochet stuff.

Over the summer I learned how to whip out washcloths and quickly made them for myself and my boys--enjoying the feel of the various cotton yarns. I made several and learned even more complex stitches thanks to a new book, The Big Book of Dishcloths-crochet.
My trickiest washcloth! Oy!

Basic and simple washcloth
Through it all though, I have wished I could make an actual garment for myself. My knitting friends shared photos of sweaters all the time. I wanted to make a sweater! So, after looking around at several patterns I found a design for a beautiful lacy scalloped sleeveless and seamless tunic. Perfect! I discovered KnitPicks and found myself in yarn heaven! I finalized my decision for yarn with a lovely Brava Sport yarn in a solid black. And when we came back from our recent trip, I got started. I was intimidated at first, but once I made it through the yoke I breathed easier.
Isn't the scallop design lovely?
So here I am. Finishing up the body. I have like 20 more rounds to go. Sometimes I worry it is getting wider. But I know my stitches haven't increased. And I try it on regularly to see how it's coming. Once it is done I will be diving into a new territory with blocking. Then I hope I can wear it with pride and able to say "I made This!"

I don't know why I feel the need to be able to make a garment. Maybe because it assures me that if times got tough I could keep my family covered in something warm. Who knows?

Next up are throw blankets for my boys so they can finally quit squabbling over couch blankets. I allowed them to pick their own colors (KnitPicks Brava Worsted) and I picked the design. I might start on that sooner than later, if I get bored finishing my sweater. LOL.
My oldest picked John Deere colors
Oh and I learned how to knit. I am still working on it. I have knitted 10" on my scarf. Learning from my mistakes as I go. It's definitely harder to fix mistakes than crochet it. But the weave is so much tighter. It will be cool to be able to do both!

Progress. But a long way to go! LOL
Stay tuned for more of my crochet adventures. I think I will keep on with this second hobby for awhile. I like the satisfaction it brings AND that I can do it while sitting with the family watching TV or hanging out. I am putting together a GIFT IDEA post for the crochet/knit person in your life stay tuned for that!

You can find me over at Ravelry and can see what projects I am working on. I also make use of Pinterest and have a whole board "Uncomplicated Crochet Projects" that I regularly add to.


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