November 9, 2011

MFW-K Highlights: Week #7- Uu Us

We finished up Uu -Us last are a few shots of what we accomplished!

: Our scripture for memorization this week was Matthew 22:39

We enjoyed learning more about our senses this week. It was the perfect timing to do this unit since we had just watched the amazing shows on the Discovery channel about the eye and other body parts. I think it was called something like Pushing the LImits? Each episode dealt with a different part of our body. We were able to catch the one about the Eye and about the Muscles/Bones. Fascinating! It was the perfect intro for our unit.

We had already done an in depth study on the TASTE aspect as part of our FIAR book Lentil, so we didn't spend as much time with that...but here is a rundown on what we did do for each day.

Day #1~ The 5 Senses
We just learned what our 5 Senses are and then did a few worksheets where it asks us to figure out what senses are used to experience things like cupcakes, rainbows, wind, ect...We continued this throughout the day asking Little Britches which senses he was using or could use. We discovered that we don't use our "hearing" very much when it comes to daily life--especially with food. But then I had him eat an apple and other crunchy things and suddenly we could add it in too!

Day #2~Sight
We learned more about our eyes. We did an experiment where we went into a bathroom and turned the lights on and off watching our pupils. Then we read an old Discovery Kids magazine all about Eyes. To experience a lack of eyesight and how it affects us, I blindfolded Little Britches and asked him to draw a person, a car, a train and to write his name on the white board. Then I had him take off the blindfold and do it again.

I did the same task and we compared my pictures too. He really liked doing this experiment.

Day #3~ Hear
We spoke about what it would be like to not be able to hear anymore. We discussed the hearing impaired people we saw at the Feast of Tabernacles and mentioned the interpreter who translated the messages into sign language for them. Then we learned the ASL alphabet and then how to sign the numbers 0-10. We learned how to sign our names and how old we are.

Day #4~Smell and Touch
For the sense of smell we just spoke about how when we have colds we can't smell things very well and how it makes things taste differently too. Because our whole family was currently congested this was a VERY easy lesson! LOL!

For touch, I had Little Britches play our Feel and Find game--first with his hands as they are and then again with a sock over them. We discussed why it was harder to do with a sock on our hands.

Day #5~ Taste
We spoke about how things taste good and bad and that things that taste really sweet are usually our favorites, but how that doesn't mean they are good for us to eat all the time. We discussed the hazards of eating too much of anything and then I introduced the new Food Plate Food Group guidelines. We discussed what a protein, grain, and dairy was and analyzed our meals for the rest of the day and thru the weekend.

In regards to the actual lessons on Uu, we did all the manual work, but then spent a bit more time on the sound U makes since at the beginning of the week he kept saying that "U" said "yuh". I reminded him that before he told me what sound it made to think of the short vowel song and the words in it. After day 2, he didn't make anymore mistakes!

Various worksheets filled in our Uu and number 7 work. We've started incorporating Confessions of a Homeschooler's Letter of the Week worksheets into a lot of what we do. Especially her "A is for..." series. I print them off and then let him use his Dot Marker to find all the letters--in this case all the "U's" in the sentence. I highly recommend those to anyone!

I must say that I am very impressed by his work with the blend ladder and his handwriting! He is really starting to be much more careful with his letters--what an improvement over the last few weeks!

We finished our unit by reading Love You, Forever. Now why did they have that book? I bawl like a baby and can hardly finish reading it! Must be because I have TWO little boys just like the book...sniff sniff...

Now we are in Day 2 of Week #9-Dd Dinosaur! Can't wait to share our fun with you next week!

PS. Don't forget to check out what's in our book basket for this week!

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Casey said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I should have used your idea of the feeling game with a sock on their hands! We're doing Dd now and he is doing much better with the blend ladder, I think he's starting to get it now.

Kattie said...

He did pretty good with the blindfold on! Like the senses activities, too. Thanks for linking up and sharing your week!