November 8, 2011

What's in our Book Basket this week?

We left the library packed down and running over yesterday as we stocked up our book basket for the week! I took with me a list of various books that my blogging friends have been recommending and was able to snag some of those, but then some other ones too! We've been reading about 2 books a day which is quite fun!

So here are a few of the books in our basket this week...
1. Thanksgiving Is Here!
What a fun book this is! We poured over the fabulous illustrations and just enjoyed this book! We will definitely be reading it again because I'm sure we missed things the first time through! I totally recommend this book to anyone! 
Definitely a 5 star rating!

2. Thanksgiving on Plymouth Plantation
Oh I can't say enough about how much we learned from this book! As soon as you open it there is information to learn! This book follows the "Time traveling Twins" as they go back to be at Plymouth for the first Thanksgiving! So much history is incorporated into the fun dialogue from the original name for Pumpkins, to the reason why they drank beer instead of water! Little Britches giggled several times. The illustrations are phenomenal! Make sure you tuck this one in your book basket too! 
Another 5 star rating!

3. One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims
This book is very elementary without any real is a good counting book, and one to show the differences between what a pilgrim child and an indian child would have been doing before the Thanksgiving feast. We didn't like this one as much. 
2 1/2 stars at best.

4. Cranberry Thanksgiving
I was excited to read this one because it's also on our Five in a Row list! I haven't had a chance to read it to Little Britches yet, but I read it myself and thought it was fabulous! I love the pictures and Mr. Whiskers is just priceless! I will be using this one with a few of the FIAR Manual ideas later. 
I personally give this one 4 1/2 stars!

5. Silly Tilly's Thanksgiving Dinner
This one is very very cute! I love the little animals in it. Silly Tilly is a mole who "forgets to remember" to do things and discovers through a series of things that she "forgot to remember" that it's time for her Thanksgiving guests to arrive, but has nothing cooked for them! It is a great way to incorporate the idea of sharing, giving, and the wonderful power of friends! We enjoyed this one.
4 Stars from us!

So there you have a peak into some of the books in our book basket this week--I hope that we helped you get some ideas for filling your own!

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