January 5, 2012

Fabby Find Friday

I have been laminating like crazy--and using binding rings to keep a lot of my things easy to find. But when I ran out of binding rings, I discovered how expensive those little buggers are--even when ordering from EBAY or Oriental Trading Company! I need the larger ones (at least 1") which means you get less in a package for your money...so I priced them and priced them...

And then I went to the bathroom and inspiration struck! Okay, let me explain, I was in the bathroom giving the boys a bath--and I was pulling on the curtain and went
I had recently replaced my old shower curtain rings with some metal ones--and I knew I had an extra package of them!
 They are shaped like a light bulb with an opening very similar to a binding clip--but they are thinner and bigger--PERFECT for hanging multiple sheets on...or a package of flashcards! AND you get 12 for just one dollar!

Now I have these clips loaded with things hanging on my cabinet handles until I buy some plastic hooks and move them.

I'm going to be grabbing some more when I go out today--and I totally recommend that anyone who needs "rings" to hold something together consider using this little suckers!


ME2 said...

Hi there! And happy Sabbath! Just found your blog (again). I am finding it very helpful as I'm starting to more introduce more school type activities with my 2 year old. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Great idea!