January 6, 2012

MFW-K Hightlights: Week #12 Gg-Goat

It's a GGGGGGGGreat world for the Letter G! So much fun coming up with G words. I think he did pretty good, huh?

Here is our run-down on what we did for Gg-Goat this week!
Our scripture for the week...Little Britches was tickled when we sang our hymn "Oh How I love Thy Law" at church last week because he recognized and knew some of the words. We have started marking our sight words in our scriptures and Little Britches was happy to recognize quite a few of them.

We worked thru the MFW-K curriculum for this week and enjoyed reading and learning about goats. We did many of the activities including acting out the song Old MacDonald with some stick puppets.

I found these graphics on Microsoft Word and then printed, cut and glued them to Popsicle sticks. Little Britches likes to use them for place readers when reading words or sentences too.

We spent one afternoon making Get Well Cards...

After reviewing our short vowels, we spent some time with our blending sounds and rhyming with the short vowels we've covered so far.

I printed and laminated these cards and have them now on a ring for him to review when he gets done with something early. They are really great--you can find them on the School Sparks.com website.

We also put together our list of Winter Words making a snowman for visual reference.
These words are in Little Britches' Daily Calendar Notebook and he has to choose four of them to write out every day. We also separated them out by syllables on a chart.

It was a good week--and Little Britches' favorite part was taste testing goat milk compared to cow milk--my husband's boss raises goats so he gave us a jar of it for our test. Little Britches' decided it tasted pretty good and noticed it was whiter and foamier then cow milk.


michelle said...

Looks like you had a ggggreat time! :) LOVE your scripture for the week!

My Captivating Life said...

Looks like a good week. :)