June 24, 2013

Poppins Book Nook~ All about Travel and Transportation

It's time for our June edition of...
Last month all of the co-hosts shared with you some great books and activities related to dinosaurs--this month we are focusing on Travel and Transportation!

I am a mom of boys. I'm well versed in all things related to transportation vehicles--and with grandparents living on the other side of the country, travel is a very common subject!

In fact, I am at this very moment back in WA visiting my family so we are most definitely focusing on travel! Rather nice coincidence, huh? LOL!

When it comes to books, anything with vehicles is a must-read. We are all about planes, trains and automobiles in this house! So here are some of our family favorites relating to this subject!
Mo Willems is a genius for writing kids books. And this pigeon. Oh how they ADORE this pigeon. The hilarious that can ensue makes reading these books.

Did you know there is also a series by the same author about Elephant and Piggie?
I think my oldest likes these ones even more. He loves the interaction between the characters. This book is one of his favorites. He's read it about 5 times by himself already.

One that we own and love to read regularly is this classic by Virginia Lee Burton.
Did you know it is a Five in a Row curriculum book? And that there is a lapbook for it on Homeschoolshare.com? Yep! You can do a weeks worth of multi-subject activities with this book which is another reason why I love it! My boys love it because it's about a crawler tractor. 'Nuff said. LOL!

A sweet and great book for the Pre-K to 1st grade level is one of the Little Critter series.
This book goes through the ABC's of a trip with very funny pictures. Little Britches read it to Baby Britches---with Baby Britches saying the letters as they went.

A great chapter book is one that my boys enjoy reading is from the Ralph Mouse series.
We are on book #3 of the series now--and there is always transportation and travel involved in each one.

There are a lot other books I recommend from our family---(see the widget below for more) but these are our favorites.

A great video for this subject is...
We watched it as part of the theme this month.

But we EXPERIENCED travel this week on our trip from KY to WA...
The boys are excellent travellers and adore airplanes and all the airport vehicles so it was an easy trip!

I will be posting a second book nook post later this month to share our activity we did before we left.
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