November 19, 2013

School Days: Pre-School (Part 1)

Hello, hello! Can you believe it's the second to the LAST week of November? That Thanksgiving here in the USA is next week? And that December is less than 2 weeks away? Me neither!! So much has been going on here on the farm, not to mention everything in our homeschooling! We are in week #9 in our curriculum, though we've been in school longer than that amount of time, so I thought it would be good to give you an update on some of the things that we are doing around here! 

Today I'm going to spend the time sharing some of what Baby Britches (age 3) is working on these days! I warn you though...this post is going to be photo heavy!!

We've been working on learning how to write letters...nothing formal though. Just practicing copying letters on worksheets with mommy's help.
Worksheet from a book I picked up ages ago
Identifying objects that start with specific letters...C is for cat, cookie, car and carrot!
Worksheet from same book as above
He does letter hunts using Confessions of a Homeschooler's printables
 He practices cutting (a favorite activity!)
Worksheet from the Zoomin' Moving Alphabet by Royal Baloo

He enjoys his beans activity too...
Found this great clear tray in a bin at Goodwill last year!
Later I gave him different colored beans and a spoon to enhance the activity.
I LOVE the $1 store cookie sheets for activities like this. I have two of them and when he sees me getting one out he gets excited because he knows it means he'll get to do something special for HIM.

He enjoys "playing" with our 3D Feel and Find World Icons Puzzles
He enjoys it most when we dump the bag and he can sort and match up the shapes to their disk like he's doing in this photo. I ask him to say the colors as he goes and he usually says the shape name too.

He also gets to have a smidge of computer time when Little Britches is working on something that needs my supervision. He EAGERLY waits for these moments...LOL!

He likes to play the Keyboarding Zoo game on
He sometimes can't find the letter on the keyboard so I have to give him hints...

He loves playing the ABC program on
He will literally play this game until my battery dies on my laptop...and has several times. He just works through the alphabet and then does his favorite letters over and over. He's excellent with the matching games (like this one) and is starting to make the connection between the items they show and the letter they are with. Last week I said "A is for apple..." and he said "And awagater [alligator]!" which is one of the animals under the letter A on this game.

If you are looking for FREE educational sites for your preschooler, I highly recommend both and

In the next post on School Days, I will share what a "normal" week with him looks like including the curriculum, books, workbooks, activities we are using.


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