October 28, 2013

Poppins Book Nook for October~ Seasons!

If you are here for the first time, let me give you a run down on what the Poppins Book Nook is all about. We are a group of Homeschooling Bloggers who work around a book theme each month. On the last Monday of the month we come together to share with you what books we read about that theme...and share any activities, field trips, crafts, ect that we might have done relating to that theme! Because our books are for ages PreK to 12th, visiting each blog in the blog hop lets you get a plethora of ideas for your children regardless of their age!

Last month's theme was all about Back to School, but this month it's all about the a very appropriate theme of Seasons!This is perfect with our changing of the seasons here in Kentucky! Autumn is a beautiful time of year!
We decided to focus on the way the year progresses using the poem “The Year” by Sara Coleridge in our First Language Lessons book for English. We have been copying each month's two line stanza and then adding an illustration to match with it. We've covered January to May so far--which goes over Winter to Spring---perfect for our focus on changing seasons!
Adding foam snow flakes to January...
Coloring Daffodils for March...

Very colorful "daffy's" in Little Britches world!

We will be working on summer this week. Once it is completed, we will be putting it all together as a poetry book.
We enjoyed reading a few books about the autumn season too…

Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze! was definitely a favorite this month! The pictures are great and it's a great book to show the changing of season from summer to fall.

The Fall of Freddie the Leaf is less of a children's book and more of a science book written like a story. My boys didn't enjoy this one as much since it was written "scientifically" and didn't have whimsical photos, but rather real-life photos. But the story is still excellent to talk about how a tree changes over the year.

Plant a Little Seed is excellent for showing a changing of the seasons by visiting a garden during the growing season. The illustrations are very beautiful and we enjoyed finding the connections to our own garden from this year.

Of these three, my boys had me read the bear one over and over because they liked the rhythm of the words (poetry!) and the illustrations the best.

Here are some more of our family's favorite books about seasons!

Here is a list for my fellow Poppins Book Nook contributors! I hope you will visit them and see what books and activities they have to share with you about this great theme!

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Do YOU have a blog post about a seasonal activity? Do you have a unit study relating to the seasons? Then share it with us! We'd love to see it!


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