June 28, 2016

Veritas Press Self-Paced Bible: Old Testament 1 ~ Genesis to Joshua {Curriculum Review}

One of the things we have reviewed and loved but weren't able to actually purchase for ourselves, was the online self-paced courses from Veritas Press. We loved our history course we reviewed, and have been hoping we'd have another chance some day to try a different one. Needless to say, we were thrilled to have a chance to review the Self-Paced Bible Old Testament 1: Genesis to Joshua and looked forward to another excellent review.
Self-Paced Bible course from Veritas Press~ A review

Product Information

Veritas Press is a company devoted to providing a classical Christian education for homeschooling students. Their goal is to teach children in a way to compliment their development and use the minds with which God gifted us the power of learning. Their primary focus is teaching according to the Trivium of dialectic, rhetoric and grammar.

Veritas Press has designed five Self-Paced Bible courses ($179 each) that have 128 class periods covering 32 biblical events. With a mix of talking characters, interactive teaching, fun games, video footage, the courses provide multi-sensory learning experiences that will help your child memorize names, dates and places of the Bible with ease!

The five Self-Paced Bible Courses are:

Old Testament 1: Genesis to Joshua
Old Testament 2: Judges to Kings
Old Testament 3: Chronicles to Malachi (coming soon)
New Testament 1: The Gospels
New Testament 2: Acts to Revelation (coming soon)

Every course includes 32 major biblical events, music to help memorize the events, memory tools for the names, dates and events, exploration activities in art, music, and geography, and much more! Every course also comes with lesson reviews and exams that are automatically graded and printable. These courses are geared for grades 2nd-6th grade.

We were given Self-Paced Bible~Old Testament 1: Genesis to Joshua to review in our family.

How Did We Use It?

We have used Veritas Press before, so when our email arrived, they had already loaded the class into our account. It is very easy to get started, because once you have your student up with their log-in information, they can simply click "launch lesson"--
The course immediately begins and your child kicks off their curriculum. They will immediately meet the live people who will be "teaching" them. In our course, it's Abigail and Asher--two Israelite siblings. They are very friendly and welcoming and begin the course by explaining how it's important to their life story. And then they begin instructing the lesson.

The lessons are a mix of story style lecture from the characters, with interactive questions/puzzles/games, and multiple choice questions.

Boys watching the lesson together

"Abigail" and "Asher" the narrators
watching a video of the song to remember the events

One of the games
Practicing the Days of Creation Order
Every unit or event is taught over 3 lessons and then the 4th lesson is an exam covering the topic as well as some review questions. These are multiple choice, or drag n drop style. The information is taken straight from the lesson. On the first day of the unit lesson, there is also a "worksheet" which is a 5 question multiple choice quiz based on the information covered so far. This and then unit exam on the 4th day are the only tests for each unit. These are automatically graded, and can be printed off for records. You can see your child's progress and scores by clicking on "My Grades". Another way to see how your child is doing, is to click "my courses" and then the link "assignments" in the middle of the page. This will show you where your child is at in the course, as well as the upcoming assignments, and their overall grade.
This also is where you find any printable documents that go with the course--like the lyric sheet for the course event song. Listening to the song over and over definitely helps you out--and even Baby Britches sings along with it!

As of right now, we are on Lesson 34: God's Covenant with Abraham working through 3-4 lessons per week.

What Do We Think About This Product?

Just as before we all love this product. The boys enjoy watching it together and take turns answering the questions and playing the games. I think their most favorite game is the Rainbow Meadows because it lets them plant a farm and harvest it. They also like the Critter Catch. Little Britches says he's done better on answering the questions in this course because it's all bible related which he is confident in.

I love this program because it is independent for the student. My boys can log in and just go for it. I have only had to help when they did a puzzle which could be a challenge. I hear them laugh and giggle at the storyline and the antics of the characters. They get excited when a game comes on--and squabble over who's turn it is to do it.

The only cons that I have about the program--I think it's actually VERY easy--maybe too easy-- for any student with bible knowledge. It probably isn't going to be "new" to them, but I know they will probably be like my son and enjoy all the games and activities. Older students might not enjoy the sometimes corny dialogues of the characters. There is also an interpretation of the Bible scriptures that are shared according to the beliefs of the company...some may not agree with the beliefs and might have to do a bit of explaining to their students if necessary. (I did on a few things--just minor though)

The other con--I have to mention that for some people, the cost will be prohibitive. $179 is steep for many families for one subject, much less it being a Bible curriculum. If price would hold you back--watch for sales! Veritas Press runs specials at different intervals throughout the year where you could get up to $100 off!! I can assure you though...this program is so excellent your children are going to LOVE IT! I have found that anyone who tries it falls in love with it. And if for some reason you don't--there is a 60 day money back guarantee. They also offer a sample lesson for each course that you can check out to see how it works.

Will we continue to use this product?
Oh yes. This is one that Little Britches would do every day. We will continue to use it until we are done with the course.

Would I Recommend This Product?

As you have guessed, I would absolutely recommend this product as an EXCELLENT Bible curriculum for your children. They will remember the dates and events and people with ease after completing this course. What a blessing to give them such an understanding of the Bible from a young age!

Want To Know More?

We spent the last several weeks reviewing the Self-Paced Bible Old Testament 1: Genesis to Joshua from Veritas Press. Just like last time, we love this program! There were two other self-paced Bible programs being reviewed as well as a review of VeritasBible.com--so make sure you go check out the rest of the crew!
Old and New Testament Online Self-Paced Bible Veritas Review
Make sure you stay in touch with all things happening at Veritas Press so you don't miss out on new programs and sales! You can follow them on these social media outlets:

I am really glad that Little Britches enjoyed this Veritas Press product as much as the last one. I hope to be able to splurge on another subscription once we finish this one so he can keep on enjoying what Veritas Press has to offer!
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