September 9, 2017

Adventures in Meal Planning ~ Week 1

Adventures in Meal Planning
Tada! It is officially the end of my first week of Adventures in Meal Planning as part of my four week trial period. If you have only just found me, you will probably need to go back read my first post (Adventures in...Meal Planning?D) to get an idea for the reason of this new experience. But anyways, here we are three days in. Thus far, things have been going well. But hey. It IS only one week in. (snort)

Here is recap of how the week went...
Monday night as planned, we did have the hamburgers--just that my mother-in-law made them and served them at her house.

Tuesday morning, I had pancakes on the docket for breakfast, and I am happy to say that we did enjoy Back to School Pancakes! I even remembered to set out the chicken for the Italian Chicken and Rice dinner I had on my menu for that night. We ended up serving this dish with sauteed squash and garlic toast. The recipe for the Italian Chicken was pretty good--but needed more seasonings the next time I make it. It was very reminiscent of Parmesan Chicken--but with a bed of rice instead of noodles.

Wednesday night Hamburger Stroganoff was planned, but I was called by my in-laws and asked to come join them for dinner again--they were trying out a new deep fryer. So that meal I had planned is pushed back to enjoy a day next week.

Thursday night was an open meal--and I got in the mood for soup! So I whipped up a batch of our favorite Vegetable Beef Barley soup, which gave us enough for several meals in the future. Yum!

Friday, I had already changed the menu from Chicken and Noodles to a requested Fried Chicken dinner. We were honoring my dad and husband that night--they shared a birthday earlier this week on the 5th. So since they have requested one of my specialties, I just swapped the menu chicken for chicken. I expect to move the Chicken and Noodles night to a night next week.

And tonight, we enjoyed a get together with church brethren for our annual fall spaghetti feed.

So as you can see everything worked out pretty much as I hoped! It wasn't much different from a normal week except I actually knew several days in advance what I was going to eat. I didn't buy anything extra for our meals this week, though I did borrow rice from my mother-in-law.

I do have a lot of leftovers. Which I think I'm going to freeze for future meals! So this may work out fantastic for me in future nights when I don't feel like making even what I have planned.

So that's the report on my first week. We will see how week #2 goes considering we will be 100% back into a full school schedule--which definitely affects what we eat during the week.

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