September 30, 2017

Adventures in Meal Planning...A Reflection on the Experiment

Adventures in Meal Planning ~ A Reflection
So here we are. It's the end of the month and that means and end to my 30 day Adventure in Meal Planning. I have been sharing a week by week evaluation, but what is my final take on the experiment?

Long story short.

This actually worked for me! I am very very surprised. I honestly wasn't expecting this to be something I could maintain. But I discovered that the WAY that I did it allowed for success because it didn't micromanage every single meal and gave room for change. I actually appreciated looking ahead to the week and not having to "figure out" at the last minute what we were going to eat. I also appreciated all the leftovers it gave us--instant lunches or dinner repeats!

Would I change anything?

Yes. I would make sure we aren't eating chicken the whole entire week! LOL!

I think that this system of meal planning a month at a time can be something I can maintain. October is a wonky month for us though because we will be travelling for half of it. But I will probably go ahead and determine our meals for the part of the month we are here. Then I will go ahead and start plotting out NOvember. The neat thing about this style is that I can find new recipes and go ahead and schedule them. This means no forgetting about "that cool recipe I wanted to try".

My super type A mother LOVED this adventure. LOL. She appreciated being able to ask me a few days in advance what we were going to do for dinner.
Because my "fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants" method didn't go over well with her serious plan it all out nature. Bwahahahaha.

So I guess I will start sharing a once a month meal plan so you can see what kind of recipes I'm working in each month, and maybe that will give you ideas for your own meal planning adventure!


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