September 26, 2017

Go West with Captain Bayley's Heir from Heirloom Audio Productions {Product Review}

There is one review product that we always look forward too--the audiodramas from Heirloom Audio Productions! We already were blessed to be able to review In the Reign of Terror earlier this year, but we've been blessed with yet another story to share--this time it's Captain Bayley's Heir, another in the line of Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty!

About Captain Bayley's Heir

In this story from the grand storyteller G.A. Henty, you will journey from the shores of London to the wild wild west during the time of the California Gold rush. You will get to learn the mystery of Captain Bayley's Heir, as well as follow the story of young Frank who, after falsely being accused of theft at his prep school, escapes to America--sure that everyone he loves has turned their back on him. You will get to follow his adventures as he makes his way across the country by river, and then by wagon train as he goes after his final destination of California! There are memorable characters introduced along the way like the crippled musician Harry, beautiful Alice, fiery Captain Bayley, as well as a trio of incomparable American cowboys. Along the journey, Frank will truly begin to understand what it means to receive Amazing Grace.
Captain Bayley's Heir is available as a 2 disc CD set or a digital download. Also available with the audio drama is a digital (or downloadable) Study Guide which coordinates section by section with the story. You will be able to ask your children questions about what they heard, as well as guide them to explore the topic in more depth with some critical thinking questions.

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What do you get for Captain Bayley's in the Live the Adventures Club?
★Stream Captain Bayley's Heir
Captain Bayley's Heir Original E-Book
★Official Soundtrack
★Printable Cast Poster
★Study Guide & Discussion Starter
★Inspirational Verse Poster
★Desktop Wallpaper Download
★Official Script Download

Our Thoughts

One of the things I like the most is that I can play this audiodrama on CD or on my phone via mp3. Because my car is bluetooth compatible, that means we can still listen to it, even if we don't have the CD with us! I love that the questions are with the online mp3, so we can ask them right away. I never asked all of them, but if I felt it was a good one for discussion, I did. I also liked reviewing the vocabulary. 

In relation to the other Heirloom Audio Productions we have been blessed to own--all of them!--the boys says this one isn't less exciting, nor more exciting. They say it's just a different kind of exciting. LOL. I think we will reference this one again when we study the American West towards the end of this year. 

We have been making a lot of predictions from the story and my boys think it's cool when they have guessed correctly. (They correctly guessed who Harry's real mom was!). I like that the story gives a lot of foreshadowing that is easy enough for them to understand. 

My youngest declared the attack of the Indians on the wagon train, and the stagecoach battle as his favorite part, while my oldest liked the part when Captain Bayley goes to the school and verbally assaults, with a whole host of colorful adjectives, the administrator. He's been using some of those words in his conversation--especially I'm afraid, when talking to his brother. LOL. That is actually my favorite part as well. It makes me snicker when he gets started. They had me repeat that part several times--and we looked at the script to know all the words. 

All in all, this program is yet another in a long line of excellent family entertainment. The theme of this program is one of Amazing Grace. A few characters are introduced to the words and song and then the message carries through the story.
a peek at what the streaming section looks like online!
While this program is totally doable with the study guide and discussion starter download (or read the pdf online), we just really want to use this audiodrama as just simple entertainment--NOT additional schooling...and my boys HATE stopping the story to answer questions. So we just listen for awhile, and then talk about what we heard. Curious how the download is different from the questions that are online? The downloadable pdf has basic story comprehension questions, as well as the thinking further ones with the vocabulary all laid out by chapter for your go through. Online, each chapter has coordinating questions--these are the EXACT same questions as what is on the downloadable study guide for each Thinking Further section. Even has the vocabulary too. Want the comprehension questions about the story? Those are found as the chapter quiz for each chapter. So if you want to keep everything online, you are still going to have the entire study guide/discussion starter questions. I loved the option of the chapter quiz--I could have my oldest whiz through it to show me what he remembered. It's quick and easy and just a few questions. But a nice bonus to have. I am definitely someone who would just use this instead of downloading the whole study guide.

Want To Know More?

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Once again we have fallen in love with an audiodrama from Heirloom Audio Productions. They really are a great way to introduce your children to history in an entertaining way! Wehave a 6 hour car trip coming up, and it is fabulous having all of the Heirloom Audio Productions cds to choose from! :)

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